Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate
Episode 574 – 576
The romantic moment which Abhi and Pragya shares where both of them are trying to confess each other that they can’t stay without each other also a sweet romantic song is being played at the background. Abhi reads Pragya’s thought where he informs Pragya that she was thinking that hope they both be together forever. Daadi comes up in their room where she finds both of them sharing that romantic moment and is super happy to see them like this. She amusedly coughs and asks them to get up as its morning and that she have come up in their room to call them for breakfast. He says that they were finalising the deal. Pragya says that it’s nothing as they stand embarrassed and flushed and asks Daadi to side with her. She asks them to have breakfast first. After a brief romantic moment, Abhi and Pragya leave their room in rush. As Tanu comes in, Abhi informs Tanu that 50% share is being there and is finally happening and leaves. Tanu thinks that it is not about share but about their relationship. First Pragya broke the relationship for money and now Abhi will do the same and it’s good she kept the key back to Pragya.
Sarla and Daadi calls up Abhi and Pragya for dinner and welcomes them both. Abhi asks if they can divide the money first. Tanu meanwhile hears Abhi and Pragya discussing about dividing the money which she has locked up inside the cupboard. Daadi talks about the 50-50, and they are amused where Sarla is not able to understand their talks. Sarla informs that in breakfast she has prepared chole bhatture. Abhi acts excited when Sarla inform him that she is preparing ‘chole bhature’ for everyone which makes Abhi’s mouth water and he readily agrees to eat. They all proceed towards the dining table. Looking at Tanu, Sarla makes her face and gets tensed. Tanu cunningly feels happy as she had already stolen the money and thinks about the money arrangement where she gives the money to Nikhil and they pays 10 lakhs to that nurse who said lies about her ( Tanu ) to keep safeguard and not open her mouth about how, where and why she landed this kind of cash. The nurse complies and leaves. She remembers Nikhil warning her against the next step that Pragya will take after she has been deceived by Tanu. Nikhil informs Tanu not to be overconfident as Pragya has a knack of hitting back every single time. He asks her to pay the hospital bills and free him from here and asks her to remember how she brainwashed Raj and separated Aaliya from her and informs that she has to target her support system which is her mother Sarla and informs Tanu to start the plan. She asks him not to worry and that she will be very careful about hurting her. He asks her to start hitting on home ground. She says that it’s started. He asks her not to consider it easy, as the chance Pragya gets, she would hit back and asks her not to be foolish. She asks him to beware as she would stop coming if he abuses her. She smirks thinking, that their delay is increasing their desperation as her aides have been cut off, one is in Australia and the other in hospital. She thinks that she should have breakfast too, after which they should start their game plan.
Mitali and her mother-in-law blames each other as they were not able to steal the money. They were not able to steal money as they were not able to wake up at 12 midnight. Mitali informs that she woke up due to smell of awesome breakfast and they continuously cast hurling accusations at each other. All the family members gets together at dining table while Sarla asks how is it. They chatter while eating like a traditional hearty Punjabi family where Daadi is sharing Abhi’s childhood old tales, and everyone are amused. Then they have the traditional lassi too. They all start talking about how it feels good to have a nice family meal, amidst heat banter and cheerful chattering. Tanu comes up at dining table. Daadi informs Tanu that she knows she needs to talk with Abhi regarding the money and informs her that she can talk with Abhi after having breakfast. Tanu stands embarrassed and thinks once that locker will open and Pragya as well as Sarla will be out of the house so that she becomes the owner. Daadi invites her to sit and have food. Tanu says she can’t as it’s oily. Mitali and her mother-in-law comes at dining table to eat breakfast. Pragya and Abhi again start fighting like children, over the food and Tanu reacts weird which makes Pragya worried and boggled. They again crib like children as to who got the bigger share of the chole bhature. Everyone are amused. Tanu asks if they can leave now. He complies but Sarla says that lassi is a prerequisite, and then serves it to everyone. He drinks with much glee. Later, Abhi and others complete their meal. Tanu gets frustrated and again reminds about the money. Pragya wonders why Tanu is so hasty about the shares and invites all of them to witness it, to avoid any ambiguity. Tanu is too happy as Abhi is getting money from Pragya and says its good since she would be embarrassed in front of everyone. Soon they all up. Pragya is curious to know why Tanu is so excited for getting the money.
All family members gets together in Abhi’s room and gather in front of the locker as Pragya is going to give 50% share to Abhi. When Pragya opens the locker she don’t find the money bag. All the family members are shocked as they are not able to find the bag of money. Pragya is also in shock when she don’t find the bag in the locker. Tanu informs that she will find out the money in locker where she interrogates Pragya as she has lost the money and indirectly accusing Pragya of the theif. Mitali and Pammi discuss that someone else instead of them took the money. Abhi is tensed how to react. Pragya informs that she has kept the money in locker as well as the keys were with her. They are tensed as to what she is trying to insinuate. Tanu start blaming Pragya where Daadi gets annoyed on Tanu as she blames Pragya. She informs that Pragya has stolen the money and Tanu confirms about it. Tanu start blaming her in front of every family members and informs that Pragya has stolen the money. All the family members take side of Pragya and informs that she can’t steal the money. Akash asks her to beware of what he is saying about Pragya. Tanu informs Abhi that Pragya has stolen the money and informs him to be rude with Pragya so that he can come to know where the money is. Tanu interrogates Pragya badly where Pragya is looking at Abhi. Tanu informs that Abhi will not question her but she will question her as that money is from Abhi’s hard work. Pragya is thinking about where is the amount and she start searching for the money. Akash and Daadi takes side of Pragya and informs that she has kept the money in locker. Pragya remember as to how Purabh was with her and calls up Purabh where he informs that they have kept the money in the locker together and the money is not there in locker and places it on loudspeaker for everyone to know that she kept it there. Purabh informs Pragya to wait for him as he is coming to Mehera’s house and they will find the money. Abhi stands tensed. Pragya is tensed too as all eyes are on her.
Daadi is taking side of Pragya and informs her not to worry. Pragya replies that she is not afraid but she is not able to understand where the money has gone. Tanu has started blaming Pragya and tries to make Abhi against Pragya where she informs that she is doing drama so she is acting innocent in front of his eyes. Akash gets furious on Tanu and informs her not to blame Pragya without getting any proof against her. He also adds up saying that she can also steal the money as she is in need of money. Tanu informs that she is in need of money right now and all these have happen because of Pragya. She has starting blaming Pragya that she can do anything for money as she has stolen Abhi’s everything. Pragya asks Akash to check in her cupboard. Tanu is again trying to make Abhi against Pragya where she informs that since months Pragya was not giving a single money to Abhi and all of sudden how can she agree to give money to him. As she don’t have to give share to Abhi so she has stolen the money. Akash again gets furious on Tanu and informs her to stop blaming Pragya as these money belongs to Pragya only and there is no reason behind stealing her own money from her own house. Rachana also take side of Pragya saying that Pragya will not steal her own money. Tanu replies back saying that all of them are in some illusion, as this money doesn’t belongs to Pragya and this money belongs to Abhi. She adds up saying that Pragya was getting insecure for her future so slowly and gradually she has stolen the money and have transferred to some anonymous account. Abhi gets furious on Tanu and asks her to stop it and stay silent. He also informs Tanu that Pragya is genuinely worried about the money as she is well aware that those money also belongs to him. He request Pragya to think where she has kept the money. Pragya says she remembers and says she had kept it there itself.
Mitali and her mother-in-law are upset and thinking about the money. The way these money came in house, in the same way those money went out of the house and they didn’t get anything. Mitali’s mother-in-law tries to console Mitali and informs her that they should think where the money has gone. Both of them suspects Tanu for stealing those money from Pragya’s room.
Tanu says how can 1 crore rupees vanish. When Daadi and Rachna were taking Pragya’s side, Tanu replies them rudely saying she is the thief who has stolen the money. Pragya goes in her room to check out for the money. Tanu is feeling happy as her plan is getting success and soon Pragya and her mother will be out of the house. Tanu leaves the place saying that she is tired and she want to take rest. Abhi also leaves the place. Daadi close the locker and praises Pragya that to save her husband she has make everyone her enemy and that she have suffered a lot. Daadi finds Pragya to be afraid and feels bad seeing Pragya panicking. She informs her that the money will be find as she is true by her heart.
Pragya thinks how can she keep the money and forget. She prays to god to help her find the money and start searching for the money everywhere in her room but fails to find it. Meanwhile, Tanu is happy seeing Pragya worried and in a sorry state as she has made her life hell and now when she is worried Tanu is feeling happy and thinks this is the best view. Pragya is thinking about where she has kept the money. She start thinking about the money and prays to god that she can’t lose Abhi’s hardwork money. Tanu comes to her room singing song as she is happy to see Pragya in such tension. She shares her talk to Aaliya’s photo and informs her that she will send Pragya out of the house by insulting her badly. She adds up saying that she is smarter than Aaliya as the work which Aaliya was not able to do she has done it without her help. She have trapped Pragya and her mother and once she kicked them out, she will call her ( Aaliya ). She plans to call up Nikhil and inform him about it. Pragya is thinking about the person who has stolen the money and she suspects Tanu for stealing these money. She recalls Tanu to be desperate asking Abhi about the money and she learns that Tanu is only the culprit who has stolen these amount of money and thinks nobody can save Tanu now from her.
Tanu is calling up Nikhil where the nurse named Sonal picks up the call and ask about Pragya and expresses her disappointment as she had betrayed Pragya’s trust and she adds up saying she didn’t want those money but even she didn’t want to get killed just because of them she have cheated Pragya. Tanu asks her to keep her mouth shut and calls her greedy. She informs the nurse that if she wants more money she will give but informs her not to speak a word against her in front of Pragya. Nurse informs that whoever will marry her will always repent. Tanu thinks she will see the nurse later but is happy to see Pragya crying and worried.
Purabh comes and informs Pragya that he has started checking all the rooms of the house. Pragya replies that she knows where the money is and she also informs that Tanu has stolen the money and asked her to open the locker. She informs him that she don’t have any proof against Tanu but the way she was desperate about the money she has gut feeling that Tanu has stolen it. Purabh informs Pragya that those money are in Tanu’s room and they should check her room. She asks Purabh to call all the family members in her room and goes to Tanu’s room.
Pragya goes to Tanu’s room and ask about the money where Tanu replies which money she is talking about as she ( Pragya ) have stolen it. Pragya says the same money on which she is blaming her that she has stolen it. Pragya informs that Tanu has stolen the money from the locker so she only knows about the money. She adds up saying Tanu took the keys from her and again she kept that keys and these sort of work can be done only by two people in this house i.e. either Aaliya or else Tanu. As Aaliya and Nikhil are not there so it is obvious that it is Tanu who has stolen the money. Tanu informs that Pragya has the reason to steal money which she has already informed to everyone. Pragya replies that she also have the reason behind stealing the money as she has made the plan to kill her and have to pay the goons and secondly her boyfriend Nikhil is in hospital so she is the only person who has to pay the hospital bills for that she needs money. The most important thing, by stealing money she wants her to be down in Abhi’s eyes by blaming her for stealing money. Pragya also informs Tanu that since yesterday, she was too curious to get money and she insisted Abhi to ask for 50% share from her and was not shocked when she opened the locker.
Tanu replies that how can Pragya prove that she has stolen the money where Pragya replies that she will prove it in front of everyone. Purabh comes up in Tanu’s room and informs that she has called everyone here. All the family members gets together at Tanu’s room where Tanu gets shock seeing all. Tanu ask Abhi the reason behind coming up in the room. Abhi replies that Purabh have called them up and he ask Purabh the reason behind calling them up in Tanu’s room. Purabh replies that as Tanu is living in this house so she should behave like the family member. Purabh informs that in sake of searching money he has checked all the family members’ room except her. He also says that other family members don’t feel bad as their rooms are check and Tanu’s room is not checked. Tanu get angry and replies that she is would be wife of Abhi and even she is mother of his child and how can Purabh talk to her in such a way. Purabh somehow convinces Abhi that the family members might tell that he haven’t check Tanu’s room and get upset. Abhi agrees to check Tanu’s room. Abhi informs Tanu to give the keys of her cupboard and ask her to corporate. Tanu is shocked. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now and thinks if they find even a small amount then she will be caught. Tanu is about to open the cupboard. Pragya snatched the keys from her and ask Purabh to check Tanu’s cupboard properly but they don’t find money from Tanu’s room. Now, Purabh and Pragya are in tension about money. They leave. Tanu asks them to check beneath the mattress or break open the wall. She says she can fool everyone, but not her as she know she have stolen the truth and send Robin as she will get her cleaned.
Pragya and Purabh are thinking about where is the money. Purabh tells Pragya that this is someone deep planning and is not only thief. Abhi informs that they have checked everyone’s one and he don’t want to say anything. Tanu comes up and informs that one room is left, as they have checked Daadi’s room so they have to check the guest room. Everyone looks on. Abhi gets furious on Tanu and reminds her that Sarla is staying in the guest room and they will not check that room. Tanu uses the words of Purabh and insists Abhi to check Sarla’s room as they have checked everyone’s room and not her room. Pragya gets annoyed on Tanu and asks what is this misbehavior where Sarla stops Pragya and informs her to check her room. Tanu says she don’t want Sarla to go from here after insulted and she want her to go clean chit. Daadi also agrees and they goes to check Sarla’s room. Tanu smirks. Pragya looks at her face.
Abhi along with other family member goes in Sarla’s room where Tanu informs Purabh to check the room along with Abhi. Abhi start checking Sarla’s room as per Tanu’s order. Nothing is found in Sarla’s room. Tanu informs Abhi to check the room properly. Tanu is thinking that Abhi should check the second cupboard. Everyone looks anxiously. While searching the room, Tanu finds a notice regarding Sarla’s marriage hall and comes to know about notice received by Sarla for her Kumkum Bhagya hall somehow Tanu takes the paper and gets an idea. Purabh and Akash also check and says there is nothing here. Abhi apologize to Sarla for checking her room. Sarla asks him not to apologize. Abhi asks if she is done. Tanu says just a minute and goes towards the bag. Just then, a brief case filled with money fall down and Tanu stops Abhi and shows him that bag. Abhi and Pragya are shocked looking at the money in Sarla’s room. Everyone is shocked. Tanu smiles and instantly accuses Sarla of stealing the money and tells Pragya that Abhi says she have magical eyes and that she also knows magic. Abhi leaves the room disappointed and in anger. Tanu informs Pragya that she has kept the money in Sarla’s room. Pragya is looking at Tanu in anger. Tanu informs that she and her mother can’t show their face in front of all the family members. She ends up telling Pragya to go out of the house before family members insults her and make her out of the house. Meanwhile, Pammi asks Mitali to learn something from Sarla and says she has stolen the money very cleverly. She says they would have been crore patni if they have the money. Mitali too asks her mother in-law, Pammi to also learn something from Sarla, saying she is of her age and weight but with clever mind. Pammi says only they have right on that money and says she will not accept defeat easily. Mitali laughs and says she have already lost. Mitali mother-in-law calls up police station and informs them about the money being stolen from the house and calls up the police at Abhi’s house. The two of them intend to harm the reputation of Pragya and her mother.
Daadi stops Abhi and tries to talk with Abhi where Daadi informs him that he shouldn’t have come out of that room in this way as all other family members will feel that whatever happened there was right. Abhi informs her that he don’t trust all these and that he have seen the money there with his own eyes and he don’t know what is right. Daadi tries to convince Abhi that something is wrong and informs him to wait as they all trust Sarla. Daadi feels bad that Abhi had walked out of the house after finding the cash as it made everyone believe that Abhi considers Sarla to be a thief. Sarla tries to give explanation that she has not stolen the money and even she is unaware how that money and bag came in her room. Pragya is trying to console her mother that she don’t need to clarify and that everyone trust her. Pragya informs her that someone has done this either intentionally or by mistake and asks her to remember who came in her room. Sarla starts to cry. Just then, Tanu arrives there and says that she understands everything where she informs about the notice which Sarla have received for her hall. She shows the notice to all the family members and tries to explain to all that Sarla had stolen the cash in order to pay for her marriage hall. She gives the paper to Abhi and ask him to read it and after reading this paper he will come to know the intension. She also informs that Sarla has to pay 10 lakh rupees for her hall as she is coming from middle class family so she can’t afford to pay such big amount so she has stolen the amount. Dadi gets furious on Tanu and ask her to keep quite, she also informs Tanu that if in her room that bag is found doesn’t proof that she has stolen the money. Tanu replies that if that bag is found from her room then she would be a culprit but now that bag is found in Sarla’s room means she is not culprit. Purabh is also taking side of Sarla and asks her to stop her nonsense. Tanu says this is not an excuse, that he is closing his eyes and don’t want to see the truth and is still blaming Sarla and calls her to be thief and have made hole in the same plate in which she has eaten food. Pragya gets furious on Tanu, where Mitali’s mother-in-law, Pammi also take side of Tanu and informs that Sarla is only the culprit as she has the reason behind stealing this amount. She also informs that she has pretended to ill so that no one can keep a check on her and she can steal as many money as she can and that it was easy to steal money as Pragya is her daughter. Abhi is silent and is listening to all the talks. Everyone is shocked. Sarla cries badly.
Mitali asks what is she saying? If Sarla acted to be unwell. She heard that mother’s don’t eat anything in her daughter’s house. Pragya gets furious and ask Abhi to say something. She also inform there is no reason behind her mother stealing the money as these money belongs to her ( Pragya ) and she can ask her for the money so she don’t find any reason behind hee mother stealing the money. Tanu feels that Pragya is making Abhi emotionally weak where she informs that the logic given by her is worthless. As Abhi takes Sarla to be her mother doesn’t mean that she can steal the money. Mitali, her mother-in-law as well as Tanu start blaming Sarla and informs to check their room as they don’t know what else Sarla would have stolen from the house. Abhi gets furious and makes everyone stop talking against Sarla. Abhi walks up to Sarla and informs her that he has always considered Sarla to be her mother and he can’t see tears in her eyes. He adds up saying after marriage he used to come to Sarla’s house to meet her and that she regard him as her son. He also informs that he know the importance of Kumkum Bhagya hall and he also says that if she would have shared the problem then anyhow he would have arrange the money for her and he blames Sarla to steal the money. Listening to his words Pragya, Daadi and Purabh gets in shock. Sarla too is shattered. Sarla ask Abhi that even he also thinks that she has stolen the money. She also informs that she is well awsre how much Abhi loves her and respects her. Sarla informs him that she didn’t feel hurt when others accused her and has not stolen that money and she has not kept that money in her room. Abhi informs his Daadi to stop this topic here itself and no one will talk about it. Where Tanu informs if they will forgive Sarla then may be in near future she can repeat the same thing. Abhi gets furious on Tanu and informs her to stay out of the matter as she is not the family member. Mitali’s mother-in-law says she is a family member and can ask her but someone else will ask her. Abhi asks who? Pammi informs that police will ask question from Sarla and the truth will come out. Abhi asks Mitali’s mother-in-law asks if that money is hers and why did she call up the police and tells her to take the complaint back and the police arrives at Abhi’s house. Everyone is shocked.



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