EPISODE 561 – 563

After Aaliya accepts her crimes before Abhi, Abhi is emotionally shattered as he could not believe that it was Aaliya who was responsible for Pragya’s kidnapping and Bulbul’s murder. A furious Abhi asks Aaliya why did she do this? He feel like crying seeing her condition and that his sister stayed in jail because of her doings and blames her for everything. He also informs Aaliya that he was feeling guilty and always regret taking such strict steps for her when he sent her to jail and he couldn’t have food thinking about her in nights but she didn’t come on right track. He says Daadi said right that one needs to burn his own hands to sparkle the gold. He adds up saying that he was hopeful that one day she would be on right track and informs that she has remove from his heart. He heard her confession and he cannot forgive the way she confess her mistakes. Bulbul was not only Pragya’s sister but also she was his love, his life and Purabh’s wife and she have snatched his happiness. Aaliya try to say something but he ignore her. He ends up saying that he is breaking all the relationship with Aaliya and he will give her punishment for the same and will not leave any stone unturned to get her punished. Abhi immediately calls up the police force and asks them to reach his house. He informs them about Aaliya to arrest her and punish her for her crimes. Aaliya is shocked.

Tanu is worried about Aaliya and wonders where she is. She thinks Pragya might have started giving her lecturer again and thinks to look for Aaliya. Mitali comes to her room, she asks her not to go and tells her to thank her good luck that she is saved and informs her all the things which has happened down with Aaliya. Mitali informs that Aaliya has confesses her every crime in front of everyone and Abhi along with other family members have listened to her talks. Tanu asks where Aaliya is. Mitali tells her that Abhi called the police to send her to jail. Tanu still want to meet Aaliya and tries to go but Mitali informs Tanu not to go down and save herself otherwise she will also be in trouble and asks her to think about her baby. Still Tanu goes to see what is happening down.

Pragya takes Daadi to the store room and informs Daadi to stop Abhi from doing this as this is matter of family members and it should be between family members only and she doesn’t want her to go to jail as she never be a good person. Daadi disagrees and says didn’t she hear what she did with her sister. Pragya says she know everything but she will not get Bulbul back. She makes Daadi understand regarding not making Aaliya go to jail that she came back with much hatred in her heart when she went to jail last time. Daadi asks Pragya what did she want and that should they keep Aaliya at home and give her chance to do more crimes. Somehow Pragya is trying to convince Daadi not to send Aaliya to jail and send her to Australia from where she has come from. Being away from house she will realize her mistake and she will feel importance of the family members. Daadi is feeling proud of Pragya as she has kept all her feelings aside and want to give one more chance to Aaliya. She then tells Pragya that her heart is so big and Aaliya have done wrong with hee but she is thinking about her betterment and giving her a chance to become good. Pragya informs Daadi that she is doing all this for Abhi as he only confess regarding love towards Aaliya and he don’t want him to be sad and even she can’t see him in that way. She request Daadi to make Abhi understand. Daadi accepts, she informs to handle the situation and asks her to come.

Aaliya is angry. Abhi says he can’t see her face even for a second and asks her to go. Purabh informs Abhi to relax and control his anger as police will come in 10 minutes. Daadi comes there, she informs Abhi not to call police that nobody will go to jail and informs him to stop police. Abhi asks if she want to save her even when she has accepted all her crimes. Daadi says she know her since childhood and they cannot become like her. Abhi asks Aaliya to get out. Daadi tries to make Abhi understand regarding the situation and asks him if he want her to become more criminal and asks Abhi to send Aaliya to Australia, far away from them. Abhi says they can’t show pity on her. Daasi also agrees on Daadi’s talk and says it will be better for Aaliya. Daadi informs Abhi that she is not asking him to forgive Aaliya but she is asking him to change her punishment and want him to think that she is in jail. Daadi tries to make Abhi understand that if he is her grandson, then she is also her granddaughter and they will wait for the day when she realizes her mistake. Abhi says his hope is finished. Daadi force him to listen to what she is telling him and that her decision is final and he have to agree. Abhi gets furious on Alia and informs her to go away before he loses his temper and crosses his limits. He informs Aaliya to go to Australia and he ends up. He asks Purabh to call security and show her outside door. Purabh do as told by Abhi and calls security. Mitali packs up Aaliya’s bag and she informs Aaliya that she has to listen and obey to all other family members as she has to stay there. Tanu comes there and stands silent. Aaliya blames Pragya that this is happening because of her and she will not forgive her. Daadi informs her that because of Pragya she is going to Australia and not to jail. She also informs Aaliya to go out of the house keeping her eyes down. Abhi looks on. Aaliya takes her stuff and leaves.

Abhi is too upset and recollects all the confession which Aaliya said to family members. Pragya enters room with glass of coffee where Tanu enters the room and start consoling Abhi that Aaliya is punished for her sins and why is he punishing himself. Abhi says he don’t want to talk to her right now. Pragya informs Abhi that she has not come to console Abhi but has brought a glass of coffee where Abhi informs that this time he needed coffee and Tanu is irked and angrily goes out of the room. Pragya sits beside him and tries to console Abhi in her own way that she will talk about future. She asks him to give a chance to his sister. Abhi shares his reason of her worries that he is feeling bad for Bulbul. Pragya takes the thinks in positive way and tries to convince Abhi in very polite way and ask him to be as well as feel happy and to thinks about the family.

Tanu gets furious and thinks what did she think about herself and walks up in her room as Abhi talked very rudely with her. Mitali comes to Tanu’s room and asks Tanu to pack her bag as Pragya is going to target her next and reminds her the talks of Pragya. She starts taunting Tanu where she informs her that she can take side of Tanu but she won’t do it as Pragya’s other target is her ( Tanu ) and she don’t want to be in any trouble. Tanu gets furious on Mitali and feels herself alone without Aaliya and thinks how to handle Pragya alone.

Daadi apologize to Sarla and informs her that because of Aaliya, Bulbul is not there in this world. She start crying very badly and blames herself for Bulbul’s death as she couldn’t give Aaliya good values and upbringing. Sarla is teary eyes. Daadi asks for forgiveness. Pragya comes to the room and even she apologize to Pragya saying if she would have not asked Pragya to take the step to remove Abhi’s enemy alone then Bulbul would be alive and she is feeling guilty. Pragya asks Daadi not to apologize as she has not done anything and it was not her fault and didn’t do any mistake. Later, Daadi starts praises Pragya for tackling the situation smartly and informs Sarla that because of Pragya this house is safe and in peace else their enemies might have stolen their happiness but they were not able to give any happiness. Sarla cries. Daadi shares all her concerns with Sarla and Pragya that Abhi thought to keep his sister happy and earned much money and that Aaliya thought she can buy anything including Purabh and Bulbul dead because of her, as well as she is feeling too guilty about it. She says further that Sarla have taught her children that real happiness is with the family and not with money. She asks why God snatch their Bulbul from her. Pragya is trying to console Daadi and informs her not to cry that her mother will forgive her. Daadi says says there is no forgiveness. Pragya sees her mother’s hand moving. Sarla holds Daadi’s hand and Pragya informs Daadi that her mother has forgiven her. Still Daadi is feeling bad about Aaliya the way she is making every one enemy by not forgiving all the family members and tells Sarla that she have a big heart. Daadi asks Pragya to take care of Abhi as well as he is very much hurt. Pragya asks her not to worry.

Tanu goes to Nikhil with a lot of desperation. She complains to him about how Abhi has sent Aaliya away from their life and she believes that Pragya now has support of everyone in the house. She manipulates Nikhil against Pragya and that Pragya have become powerful and will not let her marry Abhi and get his property. She apologizes to her baby as she finds herself alone but Nikhil says this baby is theirs, and assures her his support he will help her get his right. He promises to get Pragya out of the house very quickly. Tanu asks about his plan. Nikhil asks her to be with her in this fight and is about to hug her, but Tanu says she has to leave as Abhi might be alone. She goes. Meanwhile, Abhi is sad and thinks about the happenings. Pragya says sad too and miss each other. Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise…….

Pragya thinks to cheer him up, and tells poetry Mohabbatein type….Ek ladka tha anjana sa. Just when Abhi opens his eyes to find Pragya in the room, hears her voice and the two of them involve in a romantic moment and says he love his fuggi very much and asks if his fuggi loves me. Pragya asks him to find out. She plucks the flower petals and says I love you/ I love you not…Abhi stares her…while a Boldo Na Zara song plays in the background. Pragya says it is I love you not. Abhi says she is cheating, and plucks the flower petals. Pragya on the intention to make Abhi mood change confesses her love for him and they both hug each other and expresses his love to her that he love her too. Allah Wariyan plays in the background. Moments later, Tanu enters the room, she gets jealous and furious seeing the two of them hugging each other and goes. Tanu thinks how can Pragya cross the limits, and take advantage of the situation. She also thinks she can’t abort the child and then decides to protect herself or kill Pragya.

Pragya thinks what to do now? Abhi looks at her. Abhi asks Pragya to look at him and says he told her that she is hidden in mogambo, and will confess her feelings. Pragya thinks what to do now. Abhi asks her to tell him that she can’t be away from him. Pragya then realizes that it is not right for her mission and says she have done what she want to do. Abhi asks what do she mean? Pragya say she is his boss and friend too, and can’t see him sad as it will affect her business. Abhi says she is acting now, and that he felt her emotions. Pragya then makes a sudden turn and tells that she is doing just drama. Abhi knows that she is not and tells her she can’t hide her heart beats, and asks her to hug him. Pragya refuses to hug him and says it was good that he was sitting quietly. She says she is going to sleep. Abhi tells her to see what he will make her do in her dreams. He thinks he will not forget this day and want her to say this daily even if it is a lie. Pragya thinks this moment happens daily. She smiles and sleeps.

Next morning, Tanu thinks how to keep Pragya away from Abhi. She sees Nikhil coming and says she couldn’t sleep the entire night. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi and Pragya were hugging as if they will never leave each other. Nikhil asks her to relax and says he have made a plan to kill Pragya and that it is a matter of few days. Abhi calls Robin and thinks to apologize to Tanu. Tanu hides with Nikhil. Abhi looks for her in the room, and thinks she might have went for breakfast.

Nikhil shares his plan to murder Pragya. Tanu asks if he know about her delivery date and says Pragya will kick her out before that time. Nikhil says he just need to execute the plan and asks her to do it. He asks her to bring Pragya to the said place. Tanu asks if Pragya is her best friend and will come with her. Nikhil says she will come but fortunately Sarla hear their conversation. Just then they hear sound, and see Sarla in the room. Tanu says it is Sarla’s room and she heard their planning to kill Pragya. Sarla looks on tensed and angry.

Downstairs while everyone is having breakfast, Pammi and Mitali argue over taking dhoklas. Daadi asks them to end the fight. Daasi asks Robin to bring two more plates of dhoklas with chillies. Pragya too is waiting for the doctor for her mother. Abhi comes and asks what happened? Daadi talks about family and happiness. Daasi asks him to have food. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks what happened? Daadi asks him to cheer her mood, and says she is hungry.

On the command of Daadi, Abhi comes to Pragya and tries to cheer her up and offer Dhokla to her and they have a romantic moment. He says he have returned her favor and asks her not to take tension as the report will be normal. He asks her to make Sarla have dhokla. Daadi gets happy seeing them talking happily. Pragya says she will meet her mother before doctor comes. Abhi holds her hand Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai song plays in the background.

Abhi asks Pragya to come on a romantic date with him but Pragya asks him to perform enthusiastically at the concert and says she don’t like to waste things during work and that only one thing is allowed, and asks him to say yes boss. He says whenever she stand like this, then she looks like a cute robot. Abhi then says he will not go to rehearsals etc. Pragya promises Abhi that if he go for rehearsals and after his rehearsals then they can go on a date. Hearing this, Abhi gets excited and decides to do as asked by Pragya. Pragya thinks his next performance will be best till then. They went to an event for rehearsals venue. Later, Bollywood stars, Emraan Hashmi, Prachi Desai comes and Nargis Fakhri reach there. Emraan tells Abhi and Pragya that he have to promote his upcoming movie, Azhar. Pragya asks him about Cricketer Mohd Azhar uddin, says she is his big fan. Abhi teases her. Prachi says they look cute while fighting. Emraan says he is happy that Abhi as married and says once they did vest ad. Nargis says oye oye is her favorite song. Nargis goes on the stage and dance with Abhi on Oye Oye too with Pragya. Emraan asks him to watch the film. Abhi prays for the film success. They leave. Abhi says he will give him date 13 May..tera main…Pragya smiles at his humour.

Tanu and Nikhil get relaxed seeing that it was just Sarla and Nikhil starts taunting Sarla that she couldn’t tell anything to Pragya, or save her. Sarla gets angry. Nikhil says her hands are of no use, it can just shake. Sarla slaps him. Nikhil says once more. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil says her daughter will be punished because of her and he will end her daughter’s life forever. Tanu asks him to come as anyone can see them here. Nikhil says Aaliya had killed her younger daughter, and they will kill her elder daughter. He laughs and says they will meet in the evening to asks how she is feeling after losing both daughters. Tanu says it is her mistake and asks why did she get her daughter married in a rich family, and says it is happening because of her greed. Pragya opens the door, just then she hears Robin calling her. Pragya goes to meet the doctor. Tanu asks Nikhil to come. Sarla feels helpless. Pragya asks the Doctor to change the medicine dosage. Doctor asks her to have patience, and says patient takes time to recover. Nikhil says just look at her face. She thought Pragya will save her. She says destiny is with them, and he will not forget this slap, and says bye. Tanu asks him to come out, before Pragya sees them. Sarla is helpless.

When both Tanu and Nikhil get outside the room, Abhi sees them together and get suspicious. He asks Tanu what is she doing with Nikhil as he was planning against him. Tanu says actually he came to meet him ( Abhi ). Nikhil says he came to talk to him. He says his lawyer told him the truth and he was very shocked. He manipulates him and also puts the fraud blame on Aaliya to win Abhi’s trust back again that Aaliya was the person who made those papers, and says Aaliya had opened a fake company and bank account, which she was operating. He says she wanted to give his company’s control to that fake company and get all the money. Tanu says Aaliya could do such a thing. Nikhil says he saw aunty and was teary eyes. Pragya comes there just then with Daadi. Abhi apologizes to Nikhil and thanks him for getting information from the lawyer. Pragya asks Doctor to come. Nikhil says he will leave now. Abhi asks Nikhil to come inside and see Sarla. Purabh comes and thinks may be Nikhil has fooled Abhi again.

Pragya asks Doctor to see what her mother wants to say. Doctor check Sarla and asks if something happened before he came here. Sarla tries to convey something. Doctor says she seems to be scared with someone or for some reasons. Abhi says it is not like that. Doctor says he will give her injection and injects her. Sarla points her finger towards Nikhil. Tanu tells Nikhil that Sarla might tell Pragya. Pragya asks her mother to relaxed and not to get scared of him, and says he can’t harm anyone. Abhi outside asks the doctor why Sarla was behaving like this to which he replies that sometimes patients do weird things like this. Doctor asks Abhi to support and pray for her. Abhi apologizes to Nikhil again. He goes to meet Sarla and says she will be fine. Pragya looks on sad. Sarla sleeps because of injection affect.

Nikhil asks Tanu to bring Pragya at sign crossing road. Tanu asks what she will tell her. Nikhil explains Tanu the whole plan how they can kill Pragya. Tanu gets excited and says he is a true rockstar. Nikhil says he have used only 20 % of his brain, and gives her a private mobile number which is not traceable by Police. He asks her to be ready at 5 pm. Tanu thinks she will stay with Abhi as Tanu Abhishek Mehra.

Abhi is making music,
Pragya comes to the room and sees Abhi playing music on his guitar. She comes inside slowly to take keys from the floor but she does not want to disturb him. Abhi looks at her. Pragya tries to go hiding her face. Abhi asks what is she doing here. Pragya says she don’t want to disturb him as he is composing the song. Abhi asks her to help him in making the song. Pragya says so rockstar couldn’t make song today. Abhi says he needs time and empty mind to make song. Pragya asks him to use his heart and compose a good song. They argue. Abhi says until she give him respect he will not compose any song. Pragya says she will not give him pocket money, coffee, new guitar….Abhi says he can’t be away from his coffee and asks her to help him with words. After some convincing, Pragya helps him with lyrics. After getting happy, Abhi kisses her happily on her cheek and says she is a magician.


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