EPISODE 558 – 560

Aaliya is busy searching for some documents and Tanu is curious thinking as to what Aaliya is doing and asks what she is looking at in books. She then asks her to order something to eat. Aaliya jumps up with joy as she finds the required documents. Tanu is creeping about Pragya. Aaliya gets an idea where she informs Tanu about her idea that now they can turn the tide against Pragya and prove her wrong before Abhi. She inform Tanu that they just need to bribe the accountant of Abhi’s company who will make a big scam by transferring funds from Abhi’s company to Pragya’s company and once Abhi will come to know about this, then he will get angry and kick out Pragya out of the house and life without divorce. Tanu appreciate Aaliya’s plan and tells her she is getting clever with age. Both Tanu and Aaliya speculate that learning of Pragya’s treachery, Abhi would make Pragya land behind the bars. In this conversation, Aaliya receives a call from Neel Thakur, the corporator. Aaliya asks why did he call her where Tanu request Aaliya to put the phone on speaker. Neel says he was worried about her and informs Aaliya that he has some evidence against her. Aaliya asks what did he want and he replies that if she wants that evidence then she need to pay 10 lakhs rupees to him. Aaliya denies to pay penny to him. Neel threatens to give the proofs to Abhi, and that he will send her to vanvas. Aaliya warns him not to come near her house. Neel says he will teach her a lesson. Tanu craft an idea and says she will take money from Pragya for the divorce papers and shift to Sweden. An upset Aaliya tells her to shut up and asks her not to waste her mind. Tanu asks her to think about herself.

Abhi sleeping in his room with his head down and have a smile on his face. Pragya thinks he is looking good and thinks if he talk to him nicely then he will think that she love him but is unaware that Abhi is awake and he is just pretending to sleep. Abhi decides to catch Pragya red handed and confess about her love towards him, so he closes his eyes again and holds her hand. Pragya somehow came to know that Abhi is awake and decides to take out the romance from him where she is taking his hand and trying to dip it in hot coffee. Abhi wakes up and says she was about to burn his finger. Both had a sweet argument as Abhi says she was staring at him when he was sleeping but Pragya says she only brought coffee for him and tells him to drink it. Abhi says she is the boss and asks why did she bring coffee for him. He then asks if fuggi or Mogambo brought it for him. Pragya feels shy. Abhi says he can see love in his wife’s eyes and asks her to make him drink coffee. Pragya asks him to keep distance and says she is his boss. She asks him to drink coffee and that she don’t like to waste food items where Abhi start teasing Pragya so that she confess her love towards him. Pragya runs away from the room and Abhi decides to make her confess about her love. Abhi thinks about Tanu but he decides to listen to his heart.

Tanu informs Aaliya that she is willing to have a coffee so she ask her for the same. When Aaliya and Tanu were talking with each other, Neel Thakur enters the house and ask about Aaliya’s health. Aaliya ask the reason behind him coming at her home where Neel informs her that she has only called him by giving him warning and not paying him what he demanded. Aaliya and Tanu are tensed as well as they thank god that Abhi is not at home but Aaliya is worried, as Pragya is at home and if she will see him then there would be a big problem. Aaliya informs Neel to go away from her home where Neel informs her that whenever she needed help he was there when she need someone to kill Pragya. Aaliya goes in flashback where she had a conversation with Neel that she wanted a sharp shooter who will kill Pragya on Dashera festival and will show as if it was an accident and he send her Vijay to do the job for her. Neel informs that now he is in need of money and she is not giving him. He also informs Aaliya that he has proof against her and even he knows how she had planned to kill Pragya many times. Neel also says that because of her Bulbul was forced to commit suicide as her face was ruined and she was only the culprit behind Bulbul’s death. On the other hand, Pragya calls Robin and is coming towards there where Aaliya gets scared and request Neel to hide somewhere and then talk. Neel denies to hide. Aaliya ask Tanu to handle Pragya and meanwhile she will handle Neel. Tanu goes to Pragya and says she have decoded. She warns Pragya that she will make sure she kick her out of the house in which Pragya replies her that she said this thing yesterday. Tanu tells her that she will not leave her right. Pragya says she don’t have time to hear her nonsense. Neel ask Aaliya for 10 lakhs rupees and then he will leave the house. Aaliya promise to give him money by tomorrow where Neel warns that if she won’t give money tomorrow morning then he will show the proofs to Abhi and Pragya. Tanu asks Aaliya from where to get the money. Aaliya says she should think of something. Tanu says if Aaliya is exposed then she will be alone again.

Abhi goes to Purabh’s house and looks upset. Purabh ask Abhi the reason behind coming there leaving his important meeting. Abhi asks him to hear him and says when he stood in front of mirror, he have taken a decision. He informs his decision to Purabh where he informs that behind Pragya’s eyes he has seen love from him and that fuggi is hidden behind Pragya. Abhi also informs him that Pragya is pretending to be strict but she is not and only wearing Mogambo’s mask. Purabh worried that if Abhi come to know the truth of Pragya but still he is trying to understand Abhi by listening to him. Abhi is asking help from Purabh so that he can make Pragya confess about her love towards him and that he have to move her mask and bring his fuggi back. Purabh asks if he is sure as he is confused. Abhi says his doubts were cleared when they alone in the room that Pragya is staring at him when he was sleeping. He informs him about the incidents which he has faced and through that he came to know about Pragya’s feelings and he is trying to convince Purabh about Pragya’s feelings that he have seen love in her eyes. He asks Purabh to give him some idea to bring fuggi back. Purabh is thinking that Pragya will be happy to know that Abhi is dying to get her love and he decides to help Abhi for the same. Purab shares an idea with Abhi so that he can get love of Pragya. Abhi gets happy and hugs him.

Aaliya is worried about Neel’s talks where she is planning to get the money in any case and wonders from where to get the money. She peeps in Sarla’s room and finds Pragya with her mother. Pragya is taking care of her mother where she is trying to make her walk but somehow Pragya’s mother is not able to walk and she cries and looking at her. Pragya says everything will be fine and asks her not to worry and then walks out of the room. Daadi comes out and ask Pragya why she has come out. Daadi also consoles Pragya and gives her confidence that her mother will be fine soon. Aaliya is at Abhi’s room and is searching for keys so that she can steal money from Pragya’s locker. She find the keys and open the locker. She takes the money bundles and thinks very soon, she will take all the money. Pragya comes to her room and finds things to be messed up and looks for her keys. She goes inside the changing room where locker is there and finds Aaliya stealing money from her locker. She is shocked.

Pragya reaches her room and catches Aaliya red handed taking out money from her locker. Pragya is shocked seeing Aaliya do this, she tries to confront her and ask her the reason why she is taking money. Aaliya rudely replies that these money belongs to her and her family which she has taken it by betraying them and informs that whenever she will need money she will take it in this way only and she can do whatever she wants with it. Pragya replies back saying she only remembers her lien on money and not on family. She has always thought badly about her brother. Aaliya informs her that she was in need of money so she took the money from the locker where Pragya answers that if she was in need of money she would have asked her and why she was stealing money. Aaliya replies back that even though if she ask money from her, she would have not given her and she was not in any mood to ask money from her. And a small argument occurred between Aaliya and Pragya where Pragya tells her that she was worried about her ego and reminds her that this house is her and asks her to leave. Aaliya says the house is hers. Pragya gets stubborn and tell her Aaliya that neither this house is hers nor the money and that she never loved her brother or family and lied to them and even now she is cheating them. Aaliya asks what is her relation with her brother now and why is she staying here. She asks Pragya to pack her bag and leave. Pragya says this house and money is hers. Aaliya says she have taken the money and don’t care about her. Pragya stops Aaliya from taking the money, she takes the money from her hand and says not in front of her. She won’t let anything wrong happen in front of her in this house. Aaliya angrily leaves there.

Tanu is looking at her marriage photos where Aaliya comes to the room with very bad mood where Tanu starts disturbing without knowing the actual matter and ask the reason behind her bad mood and that if she is worried about her marriage. Aaliya gets furious on Tanu and asks her to come out of her self obsessed life. Tanu asks what happened? She informs her that she is annoyed on her life where she informs about conversation about her and Pragya and that Pragya proudly say she has everything. She adds that Pragya said that everything belongs to her, even though she is Merha and not her. Aaliya is too furious on Pragya that she thinks of herself as an owner and says she will kick her out of the house. Tanu says she used to say the same things but failed. She is trying to console Aaliya and ask from where she will get money.

Pragya was accumulating the money which was thrown by Aaliya in her room where Rachna comes her room and ask about the mess in Pragya’s room. Pragya replies that Aaliya came to the room and was trying to steal money from her locker. She start explaining whatever happened between her and Aaliya to Rachana. Rachana informs Pragya that when she had caught Aaliya red handed at that time she would have called Abhi and would have informed him about this. Pragya replies that she is feeling as if Aaliya is in some danger so she came up to steal money from her locker and gets worried about it. She decides to come to know what is going on in Aaliya’s life as Abhi is related to her.

Aaliya is trying to arrange money from her friends and family where no one is helping her. Tanu says she is her only best friend. Aaliya asks her to give her money. Aaliya receives call from Neel Thakur where he ask about the place and want the money by evening. Alia informs that she ask that they were going to meet tomorrow than why today evening. Somehow Aaliya tried to convince him and ask about time and place from Neel but he says he can’t cancel his plan. Aaliya gets tensed. Neel threatens to give proof to Abhi. Aaliya agrees. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will come with her. Aaliya says she will handle him and is worried how she can arrange money in such short notice.

Mitali is happy as today in there is variety of food where she ask to wait for her and asks Pammi to note down today’s day as there are many delicious food here. Tanu asks why are they not eating then. Pammi suggests to let Pragya come. Tanu refuses to wait for Pragya where Mitali replies her to thank god as she has just stopped her marriage and she has not told her to leave the house and go. She sees Pragya coming and asks her to be happy and to smile. Meanwhile Pragya comes at dining table for food where she receives call. When she was talking on call, Abhi was smiling looking at her. Daadi smiles seeing Abhi looking at Pragya. Daasi ask Daadi about Abhi looking at Pragya. Daadi informs her that she is not feeling so, maybe he is planning to get rid of Pragya. Daasi agrees on her talks. Pragya informs all to start having food. Tanu rapidly starts the food rapidly. Abhi thinks he will show her who is real boss. He start teasing Pragya and moves his feet on her feet. Pragya calls Robin to get new chair for Abhi. Sweet argument occurs between them as Abhi says he is not getting grip because of oil massage. Pragya asks him to bring chilli for him. Pragya ask Robin about Aaliya in which he replied that she is not feeling like eating. She feels that there is something wrong with her and goes in her room. Pragya is in Aaliya’s room and checks her mobile where she finds a message and reads the message sent by Neel asking about money and mentioning about the place to meet. She thinks Aaliya is in danger.

Pragya informs Purabh about it and ask him to follow Aaliya and they both follow Aaliya in the car. Purabh questions Pragya about why they are following her and Pragya shares how Aaliya was trying to steal money from her room as someone is blackmailing her. Purabh informs Pragya about Abhi’s feeling to her and that Abhi want to get her back in his life. Pragya informs him that she can’t do anything about it until she removes all his enemies from his life and that right now, they have to concentrate on Aaliya.

Aaliya reach the destination, she comes to the restaurant where Neel has called her, where Neel ask about his money but Aaliya ask for more time to arrange the money. Neel gets furious on Aaliya. Purabh and Pragya have reached the destination where they feel the place to be awkward and sees Aaliya. Pragya says may be bad guy is blackmailing her. Purabh and Pragya are trying to see the person with whom Aaliya is sitting with where they find Neel Thakur. Both of them are confused, Pragya says when did he come out of jai and why is he meeting Aaliya and ask Purabh to call Abhi and he will handle this situation. Meanwhile, Abhi decorates the room with flowers and gets romantic that he will bring his fuggi back. On the other hand, Aaliya request him for more time where Neel refuses to give more time and asks her to help him without wasting time. Purabh is trying to call Abhi but somehow Abhi is not picking the call. Pragya plans to go near to their table to listen their talks. Neel says she had hired Vijay to kill Pragya and Vijay told him everything. Aaliya’s shock, as Neel reveals that Vijay was his aid. Through Vijay, he now knows Aaliya’s secrets – how she wants to ruin her brother and tried to kill Pragya. He says Bulbul died because of her and she had cut the rope of the chandelier. Pragya and Purabh get emotional and shocked as they comes to know that Aaliya was the only person who wanted to kill Pragya and they also comes to know Bulbul is no more in this world because of her. Neel says he have saved her and his political career is ruined because of her. He threatens Aaliya and informs her that if she won’t give him money, he will give all the proof to Abhi and will reveal her truth in front of Abhi. Pragya gets emotional and says Bulbul died because of Aaliya and somehow Purabh consoles her and asks her to come and they both sit in car.

Purabh informs Pragya that this is the only moment where they can disclose the truth about Aaliya in front of Abhi as Neel is having proofs and he needs money. Purabh decides to talk with Neel and make a deal with him and says once Aaliya’s chapter is close, Tanu will be alone and they will be able to remove Abhi’s enemies out of his life. Neel comes out from that bar where Purabh request Pragya to go home in cab safely meanwhile he will follow Neel and will try to make him come on their side.

Abhi is busy decorating his room where Daadi and Rachna comes in his room, Daadi coughs so that he can notice her present and ask the reason for decoration. Abhi replies that he has decorated the room to make him happy as he is pissed off between Tanu and Pragya. Daadi and Rachna teases Abhi and Rachna says he has something in his heart and want to create romantic environment for someone between two woman. Somehow Abhi is trying to convince Daadi by giving excuses behind decorating room. Daadi informs Abhi to do whatever he feels to where Abhi replies that when he listen to his heart then his brain say something else and ends up saying that if Pragya alias fuggi would be there in his life, his life would be different. Daadi and Rachana leaves the room keeping Abhi alone in his situation. Abhi thinks to make her confess her true feelings for him. While going back home in the cab, Pragya is thinking about the incidence that has occurred with Bulbul and decides to get justice for Bulbul.

Purabh follows Neel where he informs Neel that he is there to help him. He tells him that he will give him 10 lakh rupees in exchange of the evidence against Aaliya but he needs to come with him. Hearing this, Neel agrees to help Purabh and sets offs with Purabh. Pragya reaches home and sees her room decorated. She finds the card and reads it. She gets happy seeing this and thinks that it is just Abhi’s love which makes her out from her problems. Daadi comes to Pragya’s room and start teasing Pragya to hug the flower and informs her that Abhi has decorated the room just for her and shares the conversation which she has between herself and her grandson and that when she asked him, he refused and lied. She advises Pragya to tease Abhi until he don’t confess that this decoration is done by him. Pragya blushes. Daadi says she is feeling shy and that they are married and so much time have passed. Daadi then leaves the room as Pragya was feeling shy in front of her. Pragya thinks this silence is for her and her sister.

Abhi is driving car where he is thinking about Pragya and he is trying to confess Pragya’s feelings for him. He is in dilemma whether he should make the call or not to Pragya. Still he is in dilemma whether she has seen the flowers or not. He decides to express his love simply and heads toward the house.

Purab brings Neel to Mehera’s house and informs him to wait for Pragya. Purabh says they will give him 10, 15 or 20 lakhs rupees. Neel says he is in need of money and asks him to call Pragya first. Neel is shocked seeing change in Pragya and he start buttering her and that he had full confidence that he will become big one day. Pragya asks him to stop talking nonsense and say she head his conversation with Aaliya. Neel asks if she was there? Pragya informs him not to waste her time and to give all the evidence against Aaliya which he have in his office or house and she will give him the money the way she wants. Neel starts laughing and asks if Aaliya has made her life miserable where Pragya informs Neel to give all the evidence and asks about Aaliya’s next move and take his money. Neel informs her that he needs money but he ask question about what Aaliya has done and start making fun of Pragya’s situation that he can’t give her peace and asks if Aaliya has snatched her husband from her and that he is seeing Nanand – sister in-law drama for the first time. Purabh gets frustrated and informs Neel to give evidence. Seeing Pragya in trouble, Neel changes his mind and informs that his situation is bad and he is in need of money but can’t forgot that he is in this situation because of Pragya and that he is at peace seeing her desperation. Purabh asks what is he saying? Neel says their enmity was when Bulbul was alive but not anymore. Pragya gets furious on Neel and informs him to talk about deal where Neel denies to make the deal as he don’t need any money and he don’t need any evidence. Neel comes back that she might be desperate to know why he did lie and informs the reason denying for giving proof as he want to help Aaliya to ruin their life. Purabh gets furious on him and Neel blames Pragya that because of Pragya, Bulbul is no more in this world and that Pragya would have died instead of his Bulbul and asks Purabh how can he take Pragya’s side. Purabh says he don’t need any advice from him. Neel denies to give evidence and informs Pragya that he would help Aaliya in destroying her rather than taking money from her and that he will not stop Aaliya as she is the main focus point of Aaliya and don’t know when any gun will release and she will be dead. Neel says he don’t have weapon now, else he would have kill her.

Listening to Neel’s talks Purabh gets annoyed and beats Neel. Neel informs them that he is happy to see their situation and that Aaliya is enough for them. Purabh informs Neel to go out of the house. Neel informs that he is happy that Aaliya has made their life hell and as of now he is going but soon he will be back to see their life in hell.

While going back he meets Aaliya where she questions him the reason behind coming to Mehera’s house and informs him that she is trying to arrange money. Neel informs her that she need not have to arrange money and informs that he is going away and informs her that he has set everything. Aaliya asks if he has sold the proof to Abhi. Neel asks Aaliya to talk with love.

Meanwhile, Pragya informs Purabh that Neel don’t have any proof so no need to fight with him. Neel informs Aaliya that he has made a deal with Pragya but haven’t taken money from Pragya or her where he adds up saying that he just need one thing from Aaliya, he just want Aaliya to take revenge against Pragya and informs her that there are many people who will arrange money for him and to call him if she need money but he informs her that he has started loving Aaliya. She gets furious on him and asks what nonsense is he talking about. Neel replies that the way she is taking revenge against Pragya on that she loves her. Aaliya swears that she won’t speared Pragya. Tanu suggests her to let her leave, else her health will deteriorate.

Aaliya informs Tanu to go and rest and that she will be there in a while after taking class of Pragya. Alia comes inside the house and thanks Pragya for thinking about her saying that because of her that blackmailer has left her alone and starts her melodrama. Pragya informs her that she is well aware with the reason behind why she was going with the money. Aaliya start informing her that now that Neel will not ask for money and even she is knowing what she has done and that she really don’t care now that she also know what she did with her and that she have finished her crimes. Pragya gets furious on Aaliya that she have become shameless. Aaliya replies her not to act as Savitri and that by betraying Abhi she has taking his property and still she is innocent, she has stopped his marriage with Tanu but still she is innocent. She adds up saying by doing betray she was going to take Neel on her side but things went on her favour. She starts confessing whatever she did. Aaliya informs her that Neel wants to take revenge against Pragya and there are many people who are willing to take revenge against her. Pragya informs Aaliya that she is not worried about the numbers of her enemies, she is here to save her husband from her enemies and win, so that Abhi gets alert and comes to know his enemies. She informs that she will win each time so that she can remove all the enemies against Abhi. She don’t care about all of them and not to think her weak. She adds up that if Aaliya groups are four then they are also four.

Rachna and Akash comes there and informs Aaliya that they are with Pragya. Aaliya counts them and says they will win. Daadi also comes there and informs Aaliya that they are five and she is also with Pragya. Aaliya gets shocked listening that her Daadi is also with Pragya and asks her how can she support Pragya. Mitali hears her. Daadi informs Aaliya that she agrees with Pragya’s way of thinking though she has taken everything from Abhi as she wants to do good for him. She also informs Aaliya that her thinking and way is wrong and that Pragya was pretending to hate Abhi but she is his sister still she is hating him so much. The brother who has always being with her, given everything whatever she wanted. Aaliya refuses saying that Abhi has not given what she wanted. She informs her Daadi that Abhi has given things which he wanted to give. Everyone knows that she wanted Purabh but Abhi has taken Purabh away from her, and stopped her from marrying him and even slapped her. She adds up saying that brother always bless the house of sister but he threw her out of the house. She hates Abhi as she requested him to give Purabh but he didn’t give. Aaliya informs her that she will make him bend down on his knees and she will make him beg in front of her. Pragya can’t prove her crime and can’t harm her and that Pragya who is not able to proof her mistake then how can she make her out of that house. She also informs her Daadi that even Abhi also can’t do anything. Mitali thinks who will save Aaliya now.

Abhi is outside the house but he can’t wait more. So he decides to go inside the house. Pragya is getting frustrated on Aaliya and informs her that she wanted to take revenge with Abhi because she was angry on him, she wanted to take revenge with her ( Pragya ) as she came between them, she want to take revenge against Bulbul as she took away Purabh from her. She ask her the reason behind taking her death. Aaliya informs her that all these have happened because of Bulbul. She informs that Purabh hates her even though she loved him a lot and when she loved Purabh a lot how can he love Bulbul. She tried a lot to kill Bulbul where every time Pragya came in between and start confessing her crimes out of annoyance without knowing. She was trying to kill Pragya and at that time Bulbul got kill and confess about how Bulbul came under that chandelier.

Purabh gets annoyed on Aaliya but Aakash stops him. He informs him that the way she has killed Bulbul, she also don’t have any right to live in this world and he would never forgive Aaliya. Aaliya informs her that things went in her favour and at last she is dead now. Pragya informs her that Bulbul didn’t commit suicide. She was the culprit because of which Bulbul killed herself. Aaliya confess her mistake saying she killed Bulbul and challenges all that no one can do anything against her as they don’t have any proof against her. She removes her bandage. She informs Pragya that she can’t proof in front of any one against her and she will do whatever she want to do and no one can stop her. She adds up saying that they even can’t proof that she has killed Bulbul in front of Abhi and even if he comes to know then also he can’t do anything against her.

Abhi listens to her confession and gives her two tight slaps where he informs her that he has slapped her twice because it was his mistake to trust her twice and to forgive her twice. He informs her that how can she hate some other person just for Purabh who is not even in love with her. He adds up saying that if she would have loved Purabh then she would have been a good person. She is neither a sister nor friend. In love people kill themselves and asks what is this love about which makes her kill everyone and ask her the reason behind doing all this.


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