EPISODE 564 – 566

Pragya helps Abhi with some lyrics for his next song. Seeing how good the lyrics for the song are, Abhi kisses Pragya on her cheek. He says what a line..and says this will be super hit song. Abhi then picks up his guitar and asks Pragya to repeat the lines again. Pragya, who is surprised thinking of Abhi’s kiss, tells Abhi that she forgotten the lyrics. Abhi then tells Pragya that he would need to kiss her again in order to help her remember the lyrics. Pragya tells Abhi that she needs no kiss and asks him to stay far from her. He says he is doing this for her, so that she get her memory back. Pragya starts running from Abhi. Abhi says she will get the kiss today and chases Pragya until the duo come face-to-face with Tanu. Tanu asks what has happened? Pragya is about to tell her but Abhi says he kissed her as she helped him with lyrics. Tanu is angry. Abhi says it was professional kiss. Tanu asks if he is mad? Abhi says there was no enjoyment and feelings in the professional kiss. Pragya smiles. Tanu says he is acting childish. Abhi teases her and leaves. Tanu is irked. Sarla recalls Nikhil threatening her that he will kill Pragya today. Sarla wakes up and asks God to show her some way. Pragya comes to the room, and says he gave her so much happiness. He can kiss her after Tanu is exposed. She gets a call. The woman says she is Nikhil’s wife. Pragya thinks she is trying to fool her. The woman says Nikhil has married her and kept their marriage as a secret and that she have proofs against Tanu and Nikhil, and asks her to come and take it.

Pragya asks why is she not helping Tanu. The woman says she wants justice and wants Nikhil and Tanu to get punished. Pragya says she is ready to meet her and asks where to meet her. The woman turns and reveals her face. She is actually Tanu. Tanu asks her to meet secretly. Pragya agrees. Tanu coughs and says oh my god. Pragya hears her voice, but dismisses her doubt. She calls her, but Tanu don’t pick her call. Robin comes and says Daadi is calling her. Daadi says they have to think of permanent solution of the problem. Pragya says they will solve Tanu’s matter soon. She calls on that number again. Tanu thinks what to do? Pragya hears the bell ringing in the house and comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu sees Pragya coming to her room, and acts as talking to her mother. Pragya thinks she is talking to her mother. Tanu turns and asks what is she doing here in her room and that she might be thinking that she is crying or packing her stuff. She have more right on Abhi or this house, and asks her not to think of kicking her out of the house. Pragya goes. Tanu thinks it is dangerous and switches off the phone. Pragya thinks the woman might surely be Nikhil’s wife and must call her after Nikhil goes.

Purabh laughs hearing Abhi telling him about kissing Pragya and then Tanu getting angry. Abhi asks Purabh to help him to woo Pragya. Purabh says he will think of something and gets an idea. Abhi says what? Purabh asks what do girls like? Abhi says kiss, and then says he don’t know. Purabh says girls get happy seeing themselves, and asks him to praise/compliments Pragya’s beauty.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house. Nikhil asks what is she doing here? Tanu says Pragya will not come. He asks if she call her. Tanu says yes, but she did a mistake and tells him everything. Nikhil scolds her for not doing any work problem. Tanu scolds him for unable to kill Sarla and Ronnie. Nikhil says they will change plan to tomorrow 11 am, and asks her to call Pragya again. Tanu says okay. Daadi asks Robin to bring pani puri. Mitali gets happy and says she wants to eat it too. Just then they see some guys bringing photo frames, and asks about it. Abhi says he called them. He asks Robin to hang the photo frames in his room. Daadi asks what? Abhi says it is his marriage pictures and Pragya’s solo frames. Daadi says he want to see Pragya in the room. Abhi says Pragya asked him to get the photo frames hanged in the room before she comes.

Rachna brings pani puri for Tanu and tells that their eye is on her now. She says pani puri is good for digestion and asks her to be careful while eating. Tanu gets angry. Pragya comes to the room and sees their marriage pictures. She reminisces their marriage and all the happy moments…..Sanam Re song plays in the background. She gets emotional seeing the pictures and thinks Abhi did this for her and says how did he understand her feelings.

Pragya looks at their marriage picture, and thinks why is he like this. She is deeply thinking about Abhi kissing her and says to herself that sometimes she becomes weak in Abhi’s presence. She adds on that she tries to keep a distance between herself and Abhi as much as possible. She says he kissed on her cheek, but she felt it on her heart. Pragya also thinks that she would have kissed him if he was here infront of her. Pragya then decides to kiss Abhi’s photograph and as she is about to kiss his picture, but is caught in the act by Abhi himself and asks her to statue. He taunts her asking as to why she would kiss a photograph when the real person is already before her. Pragya says she is kissing her picture as she is looking beautiful. Abhi says she is looking good as she is sitting beside him. She asks why she is looking good in other’s picture. Abhi says just because she have married a rockstar and glowing. They reminisces the incident after their marriage. Abhi says she might have hypnotized the producer as he selected her instead of Tanu and that she is looking like Suparnakha. They argue. Pragya says if she is so scaring then why did he hang her pictures on the wall. Abhi says actually he don’t know why her picture is clicked with him. Pragya says she don’t want to be Ms. World and he can become Mr. World. Abhi holds her hands and apologizes.

Pragya asks why? Abhi says just because he have hidden the truth. Pragya says it is okay if he don’t like her. Abhi says he like her very much and holds her closer. She says when she leave her hairs open, it seems like his music is breezing. He talks to her romantically and compliments her smile, face etc. Pragya says it means she look beautiful to him and that he said many things, but she made him to confess his love. Abhi says she have played with his patience and runs after her in the bedroom. They fall on the bed while fighting cutely. Tanu comes just then. Pragya is sitting silently. Tanu looks at the pictures and asked who got these pictures on the wall. Pragya says she hanged it on the wall. Tanu asks Abhi, how did he allow her. Abhi says no. He stares at Pragya. Pragya leaves. Tanu says she has played with them, and stopped their marriage and that it is useless to talk to him. When Tanu wanted to behave like Abhi’s wife but Abhi humiliate her and asks when did he ask her to talk, and leaves. Tanu fumes in anger and thinks it is a limit now, and says this has given her a reason to kill Pragya and that she will die tomorrow.

Daadi tells Daasi to make preparations for the puja and mata ki chowki. Pragya comes and asks Daadi. Daadi says she kept mata ki chowki for her, and says she is not feeling well since morning. She is keeping shakti paat for peace and asks Pragya to stay at home and sit in puja. Pragya agrees. She gets call from Tanu. Tanu calls Pragya acting as Nikhil’s wife in order to give proofs in which it will be proved that Tanu is having illicit relationship with Nikhil. She changes her tone and says she had disconnected the call as Nikhil came. She asks Pragya to meet her at sun sign which is an isolated area, and not to tell anyone that she is going to meet Nikhil’s wife. Pragya says okay. Tanu is talking to Pragya while being in Sarla’s room. Sarla worries for Pragya as she hears Tanu executing her wicked plan. Tanu thinks Pragya doesn’t know that she will be killed, and feels pity on Sarla. She thinks Sarla will die hearing Pragya death. Tanu opens the door and Mitali falls inside.

Mitali asks what is she doing here in this room. Tanu is short of words….Mitali wanted to know the entire stuffs from Tanu and says she heard her talking to someone and have changed her voice tone. Tanu denied to give her answer and says she was not talking to anyone. Mitali says she is ears of Mehra’s house. Tanu also threatened her and asks her to keep her ears safely, as she will cut her ears when Pragya will no longer be the owner of the house. Mitali says it means she is planning against Pragya. Tanu threatens her and leaves. Mitali tries to enquire with Sarla.

Sarla signs her something. Mitali says she can do much more if she could tell her. Sarla try to explain the same to Mitali by using signs but all goes in vain as Mitali did not get anything and cries. Mitali says she is sorry, as she couldn’t tell her anything but she will keep eye on Tanu, and leaves. Sarla, who is aware of their plan thinks what will happen tomorrow. How to tell Pragya that Tanu is trapping her and cursing her fate as she is still unable to save her daughter. Pragya thinks this phone call have put life in her, and thinks she will unite with Abhi. Abhi asks why is she happy? Pragya says she can’t tell him and says it is a surprise. Abhi says gents die thinking about the surprise. Pragya says he couldn’t wait for the surprise to come out, and says it is for both of them. Abhi asks her to tell him…….and twists her hand. Pragya says he have to go with her on a meeting. Abhi asks if this was a surprise. He refuses to come. Pragya asks him to get ready.

Robin comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu scolds him for entering her room without knocking on the door. Robin apologizes and leaves. Tanu talks to Nikhil on phone and says plan was executed as planned. She says Pragya will reach him at 11 am, and asked him that she wants to hear that Pragya has died by 12am and also says she might not sleep tonight because of happiness. Nikhil says she could have trapped 4-5 Abhi’s till now. Tanu thinks Pragya will die now.

Pragya tells Abhi that she needs to go out on a business meeting immediately. Abhi asks Pragya to sit down with him for some time and says he is feeling like she is going far away from her and he can sense that something is not right. A song plays in the background. Pragya him asks what happened suddenly. Abhi says he is getting vibes. Pragya says he will not be affected if she leave. She tells him that he is just over thinkinga lot and asks him not to take tension and sleeps. Abhi sleeps. Pragya thinks she would attend the meeting and return home soon, and when she return they will unite. Nikhil talks to his goons and says his plan is full proof. He tells them that Pragya left from her home and shows them the picture. He says Pragya’s death should be like an accident and there should be some witness. Nikhil’s goons agrees. Nikhil thinks Pragya will be here within 30 minutes and will die within few more minutes. He thinks he has trapped Pragya and she will not get either love or money, but will get moksh…Pragya comes to her mother’s room and asks her to take medicine. She says medicine will work slowly and she can get well soon. She says she is going to meet Tanu’s big enemy and is helping her. Sarla feels helpless and thinks she can’t tell her that they are going to kill her. She thinks she is actually Tanu and thinks Pragya shouldn’t go. Pragya leaves.

Tanu collides with her and scolds her. Pragya says she is seeing someone relation breaking today. Tanu tell her that she will fall in the same pit. Pragya says her intentions are bad. Tanu says she might be ruin by walking on this day. Pragya says time will tell and leaves from there. Tanu thinks she doesn’t know that she have dug land for her. Daadi prays to God for Pragya and Abhi’s happiness. Just then Pragya comes there and while she is about to leave the house, the plate used for Puja falls down and Daadi calls it an omen. Pragya says she will come home and talk to her. Daadi says she kept Shakti paat and Mata ki chowki and asks Pragya to stay back at home and not to go. Pragya insists that she will come back within 30 minutes, and asks Daadi not to worry. Rachna asks her to take Purabh with her. Purabh asks where is she going? Daadi insists her to take Purabh along with her. She recalls Nikhil’s wife asking her to come alone, and tells Daadi that she can’t take Purabh with her. Rachna asks if she is hiding something. Purabh asks if she don’t believe him? Pragya asks what is he saying and says she has to go alone, and also asks Rachna to be with her mother. Robin comes and brings juice. Pragya collides with him, and the glasses fall down. Pragya says it has fallen because of Robin and says she will go. She leaves.

Abhi wonders where she is going at this time. Pragya is in the car and thinks why Nikhil’s wife is calling her alone, and decides to calls her. She calls her and asks if their meeting is final. Tanu acts as Nikhil’s wife and says she has reached there and got proofs also. She asks her to come soon. Pragya says she will reach there in sometime, and asks her to be there. Daadi tells Abhi that the glasses have broken. Abhi asks where did she go in a hurry. Purabh and Rachna say that they didn’t know. Abhi thinks they all are hiding something from him and leaves. Daadi thinks she is feeling as if Pragya’s life is in danger.

Tanu thinks she should be there where Pragya will be taking her last breath. She gets Nikhil’s call. She asks him not to call her now. She thinks she can’t tell Nikhil that she is going there, and thinks her life will increase 10 years more if she sees Pragya death with her eyes. Abhi comes there and asks Tanu to come for her regular check up. Tanu thinks what to do now? How to go to Pragya. Abhi asks if she is coming or not? Tanu says she got a call from the Doctor’s clinic and they have rescheduled her appointment to next week. Abhi says okay and asks her to rest.

Mitali sees Tanu going silently and decides to follow her. She thinks she will get the proofs against her. Abhi recalls about their love confession and romantic moments. Boldo Na Zara song plays in the background. He thinks why she didn’t tell him anything before going. He will ask her once she is back. Pragya’s car stops somewhere and she sees Abhi’s pictures in the magazines. She thinks she will tell him everything today and there will be no secrets between them. Tanu secretly goes out of the house and looks back.



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