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Monday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 568 – 570

Monday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 568 – 570

Monday Update On Twist Of Fate

Episode 568 – 570

Puja continues to happen at the Mehra house. Mitali comes back home and thinks she would have blackmailed Tanu and made her dance on her tune. She then falls down because of the water on the floor. Daasi comes there. Mitali asks her to help her get up. Daasi refuses and leaves. Pammi comes there and asks her to stay there itself. Mitali gets irked and thinks she will not think anything wrong about anyone.

Purabh asks Sarla if she know where Pragya is? He then says how can she speak? He gives her tissue paper and pen and asks her to write. Sarla writes the address. Purabh calls Pragya and asks her to return home as her life is in danger. Pragya says she will come once she does the work. Daadi and Rachna come to the room, and sees Sarla missing in the room. They wonder where she is? Akash comes and says he will call Purabh. Mitali thinks it is a good chance to trap Tanu. Daadi says what to do now? Mitali says they should inform Pragya that Sarla is missing from her room. Daadi refuses, and says Pragya will get worried and they will also not inform Abhi. Sarla prays to God not to lets anything happen to her Pragya. Purabh asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks God to keep Pragya away from Tanu. Pragya thinks to take the risk if she will unite with Abhi. Pragya reaches there in her car. Nikhil and Tanu’s plan move forward as per their intentions, Nikhil thinks she will get down from her car searching for Tanu but just then, Purabh reach there in his car along with Sarla. Sarla comes of out of the car with much difficulty and falls down on the road.

Sarla reach the spot where the antagonists has planned to kill Pragya, she walks on the road after getting down from the car with great difficulty. Pragya gets down the car and looks around for Tanu. Pragya gives money to the two kids begging for money there. Nikhil signals the truck driver and bike rider. Purabh wonders where Sarla is? Sarla sees Pragya and pray to God to give her strength to save her daughter. The Truck driver and bike are coming from opposite directions. Tanu is also standing there and thinks Pragya have done a grave mistake and the punishment for stopping her marriage is death. She thinks Pragya have done a big mistake, and will die, nobody will come to save her at the last minute and even Abhi couldn’t save her. Pragya comes on the road searching for Tanu. Nikhil panics. Sarla tries to scream Pragya’s name but her voice fails her and thinks Pragya should move from there, she sees the truck fast speeding towards her and keeps on asking god to give her courage and eventually with full effort, Sarla manages to speak out Pragya’s name. Pragya, Nikhil and Tanu are shocked to see Sarla speak. Pragya call out to her mother but Sarla signal her daughter about the danger.

Nikhil rushes to Sarla to push her away. Pragya sees Nikhil fighting with her mother and moves from the way. In order to save her daughter, Sarla pushes Nikhil towards the speeding truck. Sarla asks Pragya if she is fine? Meanwhile, Pragya is surprised to see her mother walking and speaking once again and says mother. Sarla hugs her. Tanu comes to Nikhil and checks his breath. Nikhil who is in unconscious state manages to stay alive and tell Tanu that he is alive. He gets furious with Tanu and blames her for their plan failing and that she have planned to kill him. Purabh comes there and says mother can give life to protect their children and reveals to Pragya what was happening through the day. Sarla also reveals that Nikhil and Tanu made plan in her room and tease her. She says Tanu called her from her phone. Pragya assures her that she is fine and thanks her mother for help. Nikhil asks how did she start speaking? And told the details to the family. Tanu asks him to come. Sarla says she had a dream and she started walking. She got Purabh’s support and she reached here to save her. Purabh says Tanu wants to kill her. Pragya says Nikhil deserve this and was caught in his own plan. Pragya goes to Tanu and says that’s why she called her here.

Tanu tells Pragya that she was foolish to come here. Pragya says her mother is with her, and that’s why nothing can happen to her and that Tanu will also be on road one day and will be in position of Nikhil. Tanu asks what is the proof that she tried to kill her and that she have her mother as proof, but nobody will believe her. She adds that if she want to prove her wrong, then to prove that this baby is not of Abhi’s but of someone else and that Pragya want her to go from Abhi’s life, and she ( Tanu ) want her to go from this world. Pragya asks her to start her life with Nikhil. Tanu says Abhi loves her. Pragya says she don’t love him. She will give her money and leave Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is hers and that house also, she need everything and she have right on everything. Pragya says she have no right on anything. She advises her to leave all these wrong things and asks her to thank her as she is not filing attempt to murder case against her and that because of her evil ideas, her mother got a new life and she is sparing her for this.

Tanu says although she is married, but she is still spinster and can’t share bed with Abhi. She is going to become his baby’s mother without marriage and he has promise her marriage and she will make legal relation with him through this illegitimate child. She says she will kick Pragya out from her life and that she can’t snatch Abhi from her. Pragya hears her silently. Sarla come towards Tanu and tells her that she wants to slap her, but she don’t want to dirty her hands or slaps a girl who is pregnant with an an illegal child. She adds that if she have illegitimate child, then Pragya has kumkum and that she can’t be happy in life. She says Pragya is not getting her arrested right now, but one day she will get arrested. She asks her to marry Nikhil and settle down with him as they both deserve each other. Tanu stares at her. Sarla asks her to take Nikhil to hospital, and if Abhi comes to know about her then she can’t be a mother or his wife. Pragya takes her mother from there.

Pragya tells her mother that they will go home. Sarla refuses, and asks her to call Abhi there. Pragya is worry as Tanu can emotionally blackmail Abhi by sake of this child and tells her mother that they don’t have proof and they need some proofs which will be reveal that this child is an illegal child and she looks forward to have enough evidence for the same else Tanu will lie and prove that they are lying and Tanu makes Abhi emotional always because of the baby. She says she knows that Tanu was planning against her, but came here. Sarla scolds her. Pragya says she tried to get proofs against Tanu, but got her mother. Sarla prays to God to give Pragya back her husband. Tanu takes Nikhil to the hospital. The receptionist asks her to get FIR done first. The doctor comes and asks what happened? Tanu says she will complete the formalities later, and asks him to admit him. Doctor asks her to fill the form first. The receptionist asks Tanu what is her relation with the patient. Tanu says wife. Abhi comes to the hospital and asks about lifelong hospital. Ward boy asks if he can read the board. Abhi reads the hospital name. Pragya tells her mother that everything will be fine. Receptionist asks Tanu to file FIR at other desk, and asks about his age and address. Abhi enters the hospital and checks gynaecologist department. Tanu takes Nikhil to some ward and thinks if he went or not. Abhi asks receptionist about gynaecologist, and searches for the doctor room. Tanu gets tensed.

Tanu gets tensed and tries to hide herself when she sees Abhi at the hospital. She later leaves the room to checks if he has gone, hoping to escape from him. She have a sigh of relief that Abhi has not seen him and thinks if he came for Daadi or Daasi. She thinks it is good that he didn’t see her else she would have be caught and exposed because of Nikhil. Abhi comes and pats on her shoulder but when Tanu turn her back, she is shocked to see Abhi standing before her. She looks at Nikhil. Abhi asks if you came with someone here in which she says that she came for the appointment with Gynec. He asks why did she lie that her appointment is postponed. Tanu starts to make an excuse about why she is at the hospital saying that he will not understand. Abhi asks her to explain. Tanu explains to him why she had lied to him earlier about the appointment that she is hiding something which she don’t want him to know and that she didn’t want him to come with him. Abhi asks why? Tanu says she don’t want to tell few things to him, as he is not her husband yet. Abhi reminds her that this baby is his. Tanu says Pragya can’t let them marry, and gets angry. Abhi suggests to talk to the doctor first. The nurse asks them to go home and fight. Tanu thinks she would go home else she will be caught.

Meanwhile, Pragya and Sarla reach the hospital to meet a doctor. Sarla asks if they were going home. Pragya says they will see orthopedic doctor first. Sarla assures her that she is fine but Pragya insists that they will meet Doctor first, and she will be relieved once he does her check up. Sarla then agrees. Tanu is worries if Abhi sees Nikhil. Abhi asks where is the purse? Tanu says she don’t have any purse. Abhi offer to go and bring her purse. Tanu asks what is more important, appointment or purse. Abhi asks her if she is crazy? He assures her that he is not coming inside and asks her to go and get her check up done. Pragya comes to the receptionist counter and asks for the appointment. She is asked to go to the third floor. Interestingly, Abhi also comes to that place searching for Tanu’s purse and wonders where her purse is and sees it on the floor and gets it. He sees tracing of Nikhil but before he could see him, he encounter an irritating fan there who asked for selfies and tries to kiss him. Abhi scolds him. He is about to go inside the ward, but Tanu comes and stops him and then starts fighting with him. Abhi asks what is her problem? Tanu says she is his problem and he didn’t like her company. Abhi sees Sarla and Pragya in the hospital. He is delighted to see his mother-in-law walking and immediately goes to Sarla and happily hugs her. He tells her that she is walking in which she replied him that yes and that he took care of her so well. Tanu gets irked. Abhi hugs her again seeing that she has regains her voice. He asks Tanu to come there. Sarla asks why did he come here? Abhi says they came to meet her doctor. Tanu thinks to do something and asks Abhi to come. Abhi comes back to Sarla and tells her that Pragya has changed and is very much concerned about her. He asks Pragya to take care of her mother and leaves. Pragya tells her mother that Tanu is lying and must have brought Nikhil here. They look inside the ward and see Nikhil lying unconsciously on bed. Later, Pragya and Sarla find out that Tanu is in the hospital to get Nikhil treated. Sarla remark that Tanu his hiding Nikhil from Abhi. She says today is the auspicious day and God wants her to know everything. She says everything will be alright and the two of them then says anyhow they will bring Tanu reality by Abhi. Suddenly they hear a nurse calling Tanushree. They ask if she is searching for Tanu. Nurse informs them that Tanu has addressed herself as his wife and that police are waiting outside for her to write an FIR. Sarla says she went to gynaecologist room and asks her to send the constable there directly. Pragya try to stop her mother. Sarla says she thought to do something when God is doing everything.

Back at home, Purabh comes home and asks Rachna, if anyone came to meet him. Rachna says they were searching for him. Akash comes and says he had searched in the entire city. Rachna tells Purabh that Sarla is missing. Purabh says she was with him and tells them everything. Akash and Rachna are shocked. Rachna says Sarla aunty knows everything. Akash says he would have told them. Purabh says yes, and says he need to go to office. Akash asks Rachna to come and they go to meet Daadi. On the other hand, the doctor checks Tanu and says she is fine. Tanu remark smiling that the baby will become a rockstar like him. Tanu gets worried and asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks what happened? He says she is behaving strangely. Tanu claims that she is tired. Nurse comes calling Tanu and says she was searching for her since long, and question her how can she leave her husband after admitting him in hospital. Abhi gets shocked hearing about this.

Tanu asks what is she saying? Nurse says the constable is waiting for her. Abhi says there is some misunderstanding. Nurse says she can’t forget her face and asks him to see her signature in the form. Pragya and Sarla come there. Pragya asks what happened? Abhi says the nurse is misunderstanding Tanu. Pragya asks him to clear the misunderstanding and put an end to this confusion by seeing who the nurse is referring to and Abhi agrees. Sarla says they will be relieved and Tanu will not take any confusion. Tanu gets tensed and thinks she is trapped, if Abhi sees the signature and Nikhil. She thinks she wouldn’t have saved him. Sarla thinks Abhi will kick her out of the house once he knows her truth. Nurse tells Abhi that Tanu is betraying him. Abhi says he will see the signature and is about to go with the nurse, but Tanu acts to get stomach pain. The doctor comes and asks her to come to her cabin. The nurse tells Pragya that she was lying. Pragya says she can do anything to save herself.


  1. I am pragya I have 2sister named laali n antara my saloni have a young dream 2get me married I made her d promise 2reach4 d star and there “ll b no fear file in my married live I get a proposal from Abhishek mehra unfortunately not knowing dt there is a big secret ties going among dis 3alia tanu n abhi thinking that I was purab gl friend he married me 4 revenge I made the vow 2 my mum to always b happy since d I enter d merah mansion my life being twist of fate i through of leaving abhi and letter get married again but due 2 my mum condition I think there nothing like forbidden love in a silver lining despite we married abhi have an afair wit tanu may B that is my destiny abhi and his sister Alia treat me badly but I stand strong like (BDO) krish my life come 2a stand of time when abhi think an chatting on him with surash I never felt bad because life of Ami is a enough lesson I won’t be afraid even if east meet west my love 4abhi can still be enternal love if there is no lies of d heat abhi will surly be my king of heart and there will no breaking free I stand 4 abhi pretending 2be some one else oh love look what u make do if I succesd in exposing tanu Alia n nikil I will become my old fatto and bring back my abhi oh love

  2. When is twist of fate showing on zeeworld again I’m really craving to c it


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