EPISODE 555 – 557

An emotional Abhi asks Pragya if she would fulfil another wish and she has to come with him to his wedding. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi tells her that she would give him confidence by being present there and claims that he cannot forget the times that they have shared with each other staying in the same room, and can’t move ahead in life. Pragya also gets very emotional but she explains to Abhi that they have shared a life and once his new life starts he will be able to move forward as well and forget old ties. Pragya also assures Abhi that she would always remain with him as his friend in life and will never leave him but nothing. She asks him to forget everything. Abhi asks if she can forget that there is nothing between them except friendship. He then once again pushes Pragya to accompany him on his marriage and if she don’t attend his wedding, he will think that she have not forgiven him. He reminds her of the good times they spent together. Pragya says she can’t share her feelings and pain with him, and that’s why she can’t come with him. Abhi says she told her not to leave him and go, and this is all happening because of her. Pragya says she is relieved that he have become matured and responsible and that she can’t accept his invitation. Abhi says he will try to understand her helplessness. Pragya thinks how to tell him that she can’t see her kumkum in someone else’s maang. Abhi recalls her words and thinks he is finding a reason to stop this wedding. He plead with her not to leave him, to please stay back and take care of him. Tanu gets ready as a bride and feels good, she talks to her mother. She asks her to come directly to the temple but her mother says she is worried because of Pragya. Tanu’s father takes the call and asks why did she send Nikhil and he is calling them father and mother. Tanu says he is mad and asks them to ignore him.

Abhi gets ready for his marriage. Purabh and Akash are sad. Abhi asks them to come. Pragya asks Daadi to leave her. Daadi asks her to come and says may be they can get a chance to stop the wedding. Pragya says she don’t want to come. Tanu comes there and asks how is she looking? Daadi says good and leaves. Tanu asks Pragya if she liked the lehenga. Pragya says it is good, but she don’t have the glow as she have snatched someone’s love. Tanu taunts her that she can see fear of loss in her eyes, and that Pragya too have snatched her Abhi from her. Pragya says that she can never snatch her husband from her as Abhi only loves him and she ( Tanu ) have waited not for him, but for his wealth. She asks her not to call her game as love. Tanu says she is happy. She adds that Pragya have lost it and this marriage will happen. She says her 2 minutes were wasted and says her mahurat is coming, and Pragya suhaag is going far from her. She comes out and sees Abhi sad. Tanu asks Aaliya, why Abhi is upset. Aaliya says she have to marry Abhi and not his mood, so not to worry and get photo shoot after marriage. Daadi is tensed for Tanu-Abhi’s marriage, she tells Sarla that she is helpless and apologizes for failing to keep up her promise. Rachna asks Daadi, why she is losing strength. Daadi says she have been giving strength to Pragya, but now she is feeling as if it is too late. Sarla cries.

Tanu’s mother praises Tanu’s beauty. Daadi thinks Abhi is not happy with his decision. Abhi goes to his and Tanu’s marriage with sad attitude and still wishes he could not have to marry Tanu. He recalls old moments with Pragya. Everyone reaches the temple and waits for correct muhrat while Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks she should come to support him as it is getting difficult for him to marry Tanu. Tanu asks if she is looking good. Aaliya says yes, she is looking beautiful. Tanu says she has a glow of victory. Aaliya says it would have been fun if Pragya is watching her marriage. Tanu says she must be packing. Aaliya says she will drop that mother-daughter duo. Mitali comes and informs her that she is called outside. Tanu comes to mandap and sits beside him for the marriage rituals. The pundit asks Tanu’s parents to do kanyadaan ( giving bride away ). Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya. Daadi and Purabh look sad. Abhi still waits for Pragya and feels he is doing wrong and thinks something should happen to stop the wedding. He thinks he has to accept this reality.

The pundit asks them to stand for varmala. Abhi and Tanu exchange garlands. Daadi looks upset. Further marriage ceremonies start as Abhi and Tanu start taking pheras/rounds. Daadi wishes this marriage could stop and prays to God and asks why is He letting this happen. Purabh also prays. Aaliya thinks her wish is fulfilled. Tanu thinks Pragya has lost and she has won. Abhi feels Pragya will come and stop his wedding. Tanu and Abhi continue to take the pheras. Abhi feels bad and thinks he is doing wrong, but it is too late now. Pragya reaches the temple and stops Tanu’s ongoing marriage with Abhi. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Abhi immediately moves his sehra and looks at Pragya. Tanu looks shocked. Pragya goes near them, untie the knot of Abhi and Tanu and announces to everyone that this marriage cannot happen. Purabh, Daadi and Akash are happy, while everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Pragya declared that the marriage cannot happen. Everyone looks on shocked. Pragya smiles victoriously. Tanu asks how dare she to come here. Pragya says she don’t need strength to come here, but needed a reason. Tanu asks Pragya that she wants to talk to her alone. Daadi says this marriage will not happen now, just the way Pragya came here. Tanu looks angrily at Daadi, as she hears it. They walk ahead. Tanu asks Pragya to go back and says she have lost the challenge then why is she troubling her ongoing marriage, just back off. Pragya says she will leave only after taking her husband with her. Tanu asks Pragya to bring her specs to see clearly and says Abhi is hers and is waiting for her in the mandap. Pragya says she would wipe her sindoor and snatched her mangalsutra if she was married and that she can’t present Abhi to the society as her husband. Aaliya comes there and says she won’t let her be around Abhi. Pragya says she don’t need her permission and asks her to try and stop her. Just then, the police arrives with an NGO for women. The woman organization team asks who is the other woman who is marrying her husband and asks her to tell them, who should be beaten first. Pragya says whoever comes infront, should be beaten.

The woman asks Aaliya to back off. Pragya says this marriage can’t happen as Abhi and she were never divorced as the papers was not valid. Tanu says what nonsense, she have signed it. The inspector reveal that the marriage cannot be proceeded with as the divorce is void as Pragya was not in her senses while signing the divorce papers as her drink was spiked. Tanu says nothing as such have happened. Pragya asks if she was there in that restaurant that day. Tanu says they won’t believe her. Pragya says she have CCTV footage of that night. She shows the video to everyone. Pammi asks who have spike her drink? Pragya alleged Tanu that she mixed something in her drink and only she can do this. Tanu and her lawyer put forward a counter argument where Tanu states that Pragya is lying and talking nonsense. She adds that she might be acting to lost her senses and came here to create problems in their marriage. She also states that her lawyer checked her signature personally and she knows that Pragya would create problems and that’s why she called her lawyer here. Tanu’s lawyer says that no court can reject the divorce as Pragya’s signatures on the papers was absolutely perfect and and it is valid and she couldn’t prove that her drink was spiked. He says Pragya might be acting then or now. Pragya is tensed. Tanu says she has been acting since the beginning, and have snatched Abhi’s everything. The inspector asks the lawyer to prove his statement.

The lawyer tells the inspector that Pragya have taken Abhi’s everything and will not let him go from her hands. The inspector says it is not proved that he is saying truth or lie. He says this is court matter and will be solved in the court. Pragya says this marriage can’t be postponed, as it will be cancelled now. The lawyer says this marriage can’t cancel, as they need some proof to stop the wedding. But Pragya shut everyone when she produces a proof which reveals that Santosh was asked to drug Pragya’s drinks during the night she had signed the divorce. Pragya calls Santosh (waiter) to proof her statement. Santosh accepts that Tanu offers him money to spike her drink. Tanu asks her lawyer to throw the papers on Pragya and kick them out. Purabh asks the inspector to show that divorce papers to him once. Purabh checks the papers and says this marriage is not valid as these papers ate not valid. He says he thought that Aaliya and Tanu are clever, but they both are so stupid. He asks how can they do such a big mistake. Tanu asks what nonsense? Purabh asks her to read the papers. Abhi reads the papers. Mitali also checks the papers and starts laughing as those papers contains Pragya’s name but are signed by Tanu at that place. She tells them that there is Tanu’s signatures on the papers instead of Pragya. Tanu gets shocked seeing this and affirms that she hadn’t signed any of the papers. Purabh says she is already divorced so she can’t marry Abhi. Tanu asks her lawyer about change of papers. The lawyer says he don’t know. Tanu says he will not get any money, and asks him to leave.

Abhi tells Purabh that he don’t understand where that papers went. Purabh says he is even thinking same. Akash says there is a big suspense. Daadi thinks Pragya have won and Tanu have lost. Pragya thanks the inspector and the woman organization but the woman praises Pragya for her fight to get her husband as she has done everything on her own and invite her to their NGO annual function. Pragya thanks her. Tanu comes to Pragya and tried to slap her but Pragya stops her hand and asks her not to tire her hands and that she have to take care of this baby, as she reached here because of the baby. She says her husband is only her, and asks her to use her specs if she can’t see. Abhi hears her. Tanu’s parents looks upset. Tanu is angry on all this and leave from there. Abhi looks at Pragya…..Saiyyara Re song plays in the background. Pragya asks him not to worry and says she will give him divorce with her style. She thought he don’t want divorce and this marriage. His way is cleared and he can go anywhere. Abhi leaves. Pragya meets Daadi, Daadi blesses her and asks how she managed to do this. Pragya explain her everything how she had done all this and says when she came to know that she signed the papers in a drunkard state. She went to meet the manager and came to know that Tanu was there and checked the CCTV. She met the waiter and got to know about the truth. She then called the Police and NGO woman and apologize for not telling this to her before.

Daadi says she have saved Abhi and her marriage. They both smiled and get happy and also pray to God at the temple. Tanu and Aaliya are in the car and angry with Pragya. Aaliya says she is getting on her nerves. Tanu says she will not leave Pragya alive. Aaliya says she hate her and can’t bear her anymore. Tanu says Pragya stopped her from marrying. Aaliya says they have to think of something and kick her out of home. Tanu says that she will do something after that Pragya will not be able to plan something against her.

Tanu is upset and she is crying as her marriage has been broken. Abhi comes up to Tanu’s room where he blames Tanu saying that because of her over smartness all these has happened. If that night she would have not bribe the bar tender then things would be perfect and he would have managed the things. Tanu gets furious saying what else she would have done. She has done all these as Abhi was not doing anything so she thought to manage the things and get divorce from Pragya. Both of them argues on this where Abhi says they are still not married and he is sad. Tanu asks him to do some acting and asks Pragya to tell him why she has done a drama. Abhi says he should ask her as there was hee signatures on the papers. Tanu says she don’t know and the conversation ends up as Tanu request Abhi that she wants to be alone and she starts thinking how her signatures came on that divorce papers. Abhi thinks if he should be happy or sad.

Purabh is making fun of the lawyer named Jhun Jhun wala that he was scolded by Tanu and left. Akash says Tanu was shocked seeing the papers. Daadi is also participating in that. Pragya informs Purabh and Akash that when they have changed the papers then why they have not informed her. Purabh says they hit the jackpot and informs her that on that night when they went to the lawyer’s place, they have changed the papers. Purabh says they got Nikhil contract papers too. Akash says Jhunjhunwala didn’t check the papers when he came there. Daadi says liars face blackens always. Purabh says whether they were able to replace the papers or not and he is happy that whatever has happened was good. Junun Junun wala was under so confident that he is having the original papers. Pragya smiles and thinks to talk to Tanu.

Tanu is keeping her marriage dress and thinks she is the first bride to keep the bridal dress. Pragya comes there and starts to taunt her saying that she made her parents feel ashamed and whatever challenge she has given to her she has won where she was not able to marry Abhi. She advices her to pack her bags and go as she will never allow this marriage to happen and also says that it was good that place was not surrounded with people else her name would be in headlines in newspapers that super model Tanu was doing illegal marriage to marry Abhi. Tanu gets furious on Pragya and says that she can’t prove that this child does not belongs to Abhi and until this child is there Abhi will not be of her. Pragya replies that anyhow she has managed to take her divorce papers out from her in the same way she will get proofs against her. She warns her and tells her to move out of the house else her respect will be ruined. Tanu looks on angry.

Abhi is furious and keep thinking about Pragya in his room where he is confused about Pragya’s feelings for him and recollects the few moments that have passed between them where he is kissing and hugging her. He concludes that Pragya has feelings for him and he will anyhow make Pragya confess about her feelings. Pragya comes to the room and he starts looking at her where Pragya comes to know that Abhi is surely going to talk something serious to her and goes. Abhi plans how he can make confession from Pragya’s mouth. Abhi dim the lights. Pragya comes out of the changing room and sees the lights dim.

Pragya ask about why he has made the lights dim. Abhi informs her that in dim light brain becomes relax and today’s day was too hectic, so he thought to relax himself. Pragya informs him that she also needs relaxation so she tells him to keep the lights dim. Pragya is trying to go to her bed to sleep and before she could sleep on bed, Abhi jumps and lie down on the bed. Pragya is surprised. He holds her closer and start conversation saying that she still loves him and is trying to hide it but whenever she tries to hide anything her eyes speak up and that he know she miss him even now and try to get closer to him. Pragya is emotional. Abhi says her weakness is him and to tells the truth which she is hiding. Pragya is confused what she replies back after hearing Abhi’s talks and she moves away from him. Abhi makes her sit on coach with him and is trying to make Pragya confess about her feelings anyhow where he informs Pragya to play the game. Game is about looking into each other’s eyes if Pragya blink her eyes first means she loves him and if she don’t means she don’t love him. Pragya agrees to play the game. Abhi thinks she is trapped and she doesn’t know that if she don’t blink her eyes then it is love. Game starts, Pragya opens her eyes where Abhi comes too near to Pragya without blinking her eyes and a romantic song plays in the background. Abhi gets the confirmation that Pragya loves him a lot. Pragya is worried if Abhi comes to know the truth then she can’t concentrate on her mission to make Tanu and Aaliya away from him and blinks her eyes. Abhi asks her to tell that she loves him and can’t live without him. Pragya says no and tries to move away from Abhi to drink water but he don’t allow her to go and tries different ways to make her confess about her love towards him. Both shares and spends some romantic moments with each other and a romantic song plays in the background. He kisses on her forehead. Pragya gets moved by his love but tried to go. Abhi holds her hands while Bolna song plays in the background. He gets more romantic and closer…. where Robin just comes to the room. Pragya sees Robin and tells Abhi. Robin apologize and says she called him. Pragya says water is not in the room. Robin says water is here. Pragya then informs Robin to keep fresh water and make the guest room ready. Once Robin leaves, Pragya tells Abhi that she has proved that she has weakened him. Abhi says she can’t scare him. Pragya says she need an answer and informs Abhi to go to the guest room. Abhi says she is getting dangerous and goes to sleep. He picks his blanket and thinks what happened to her in the night. Pragya is too happy as she is getting closure to Abhi but have to wait. She thinks Tanu is planning something big and she start thinking how she can play the plan against Tanu and wanted to expose her. Abhi looks at her as he sleeps on coach. Pragya thinks until when they have to stay separately. Meanwhile, Daadi tells Rachna that she was worried about bringing Tanu and her baby home. Rachna says Abhi and Pragya will also be one and asks her to sleep. Daadi sleeps.

Next morning, while Aaliya and Tanu are thinking, Aaliya tells Tanu she don’t understand how Pragya have played this entire game and changed the things. Tanu says even she couldn’t think properly. Nikhil comes to Aaliya’s room and start scolding them that if they would have allowed him to handle all these then things would be better and why can’t they see that they are still at the same place. He also informs that it would be great if he has accepted the offer given by Pragya, at least he would be CEO of Abhi’s company. Aaliya gets annoyed on Nikhil and informs him to go with Pragya and she will make him to be CEO. She adds up saying that don’t increase their problems already they are in such problems and Nikhil goes away from the room wishing Tanu good luck. Tanu gets annoyed on Aaliya for her behaviour against Nikhil and asks why did she send him to Pragya’s side and gets worried. Aaliya says everyone knows that Nikhil is the father of her child and reverts back saying to think on what to do against Pragya.

Purab is planning a party where he ask Pragya where she wants party. Rachna interrupts saying that they can do party but what will they tell to other family members why this party is organized? Pragya agrees on Rachna’s talk. Daadi comes to the room where Pragya informs that she was too happy that after her victory and she was not able to sleep because of her happiness. Purabh again informs Pragya for party where she replies that she will do party once she makes Tanu and Aaliya move out of Abhi’s life. Daadi is a bit annoyed on Pragya and she is not talking with her. Pragya ask the reason behind it but she understands that reason for her anger. Daadi informs her that now and then Pragya feels herself weak in front of difficult circumstances and informs her that her weakness is strength of Tanu. She says Abhi is her husband and is hers. Pragya says she thought darkness will come. Daadi says morning comes after a dark night. Pragya promises Daadi that she will never be weak in any circumstances and will keep herself strong as well as she will never leave Abhi alone even if he asks her and will go. Daadi informs that Abhi and Pragya cannot be separate as their couple is made by God. Pragya smiles.


  1. michelle kaycee says:

    i love you so much pragya keep it up am waiting for aliya and tanu to be exposed so you and abhi can be back together tanu and aliya are causing you trouble but am you will defeat them the lord will give you victry keep it up


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