EPISODE 566 – 568

Pragya tells Abhi that she needs to go out on a business meeting immediately. Abhi asks Pragya to sit down with him for some time and says he is feeling like she is going far away from her and he can sense that something is not right. A song plays in the background. Pragya him asks what happened suddenly. Abhi says he is getting vibes. Pragya says he will not be affected if she leave. She tells him that he is just over thinkinga lot and asks him not to take tension and sleeps. Abhi sleeps. Pragya thinks she would attend the meeting and return home soon, and when she return they will unite. Nikhil talks to his goons and says his plan is full proof. He tells them that Pragya left from her home and shows them the picture. He says Pragya’s death should be like an accident and there should be some witness. Nikhil’s goons agrees. Nikhil thinks Pragya will be here within 30 minutes and will die within few more minutes. He thinks he has trapped Pragya and she will not get either love or money, but will get moksh…Pragya comes to her mother’s room and asks her to take medicine. She says medicine will work slowly and she can get well soon. She says she is going to meet Tanu’s big enemy and is helping her. Sarla feels helpless and thinks she can’t tell her that they are going to kill her. She thinks she is actually Tanu and thinks Pragya shouldn’t go. Pragya leaves.

Tanu collides with her and scolds her. Pragya says she is seeing someone relation breaking today. Tanu tell her that she will fall in the same pit. Pragya says her intentions are bad. Tanu says she might be ruin by walking on this day. Pragya says time will tell and leaves from there. Tanu thinks she doesn’t know that she have dug land for her. Daadi prays to God for Pragya and Abhi’s happiness. Just then Pragya comes there and while she is about to leave the house, the plate used for Puja falls down and Daadi calls it an omen. Pragya says she will come home and talk to her. Daadi says she kept Shakti paat and Mata ki chowki and asks Pragya to stay back at home and not to go. Pragya insists that she will come back within 30 minutes, and asks Daadi not to worry. Rachna asks her to take Purabh with her. Purabh asks where is she going? Daadi insists her to take Purabh along with her. She recalls Nikhil’s wife asking her to come alone, and tells Daadi that she can’t take Purabh with her. Rachna asks if she is hiding something. Purabh asks if she don’t believe him? Pragya asks what is he saying and says she has to go alone, and also asks Rachna to be with her mother. Robin comes and brings juice. Pragya collides with him, and the glasses fall down. Pragya says it has fallen because of Robin and says she will go. She leaves.

Abhi wonders where she is going at this time. Pragya is in the car and thinks why Nikhil’s wife is calling her alone, and decides to calls her. She calls her and asks if their meeting is final. Tanu acts as Nikhil’s wife and says she has reached there and got proofs also. She asks her to come soon. Pragya says she will reach there in sometime, and asks her to be there. Daadi tells Abhi that the glasses have broken. Abhi asks where did she go in a hurry. Purabh and Rachna say that they didn’t know. Abhi thinks they all are hiding something from him and leaves. Daadi thinks she is feeling as if Pragya’s life is in danger.

Tanu thinks she should be there where Pragya will be taking her last breath. She gets Nikhil’s call. She asks him not to call her now. She thinks she can’t tell Nikhil that she is going there, and thinks her life will increase 10 years more if she sees Pragya death with her eyes. Abhi comes there and asks Tanu to come for her regular check up. Tanu thinks what to do now? How to go to Pragya. Abhi asks if she is coming or not? Tanu says she got a call from the Doctor’s clinic and they have rescheduled her appointment to next week. Abhi says okay and asks her to rest.

Mitali sees Tanu going silently and decides to follow her. She thinks she will get the proofs against her. Abhi recalls about their love confession and romantic moments. Boldo Na Zara song plays in the background. He thinks why she didn’t tell him anything before going. He will ask her once she is back. Pragya’s car stops somewhere and she sees Abhi’s pictures in the magazines. She thinks she will tell him everything today and there will be no secrets between them. Tanu secretly goes out of the house and looks back.

The preparation begin for the ‘Mata Chawki’ at Abhi’s place. Pammi welcomes the guests while Rachna goes to meet Sarla and informs Daadi about it. Mitali decides to go after Tanu and Pammi sees her going and asks her to welcome the guests but Mitali asks her to handle them. Pammi asks her to bring snacks, tea etc. Mitali says she has some work and head out of the house. Pammi thinks Mitali will get punishment. Daasi comes there and asks her to make arrangements for tea and snacks, else she will be cursed. Rachna comes to Sarla’s room and is surprised to see her sweating profusely. Sarla is worried about Pragya and she tries to tell this to Rachna but she fails to make Rachna understand this. Rachna too understands that Sarla is worried about something but fails to find out what she is worried about Pragya whose life is in danger. Rachna tells her she can’t understand and goes to call someone. Sarla prays to God to save Pragya. Rachna speak to Purabh and informs him that Sarla is worried about a matter concerning Pragya. Purabh says they have to call Pragya home. He calls up Pragya to inform her about Sarla’s condition and asks her to return home as Sarla is very much worried.

Pragya says she met mother before leaving and asks him to take care of her mother till she comes back as she is busy with some work. Purabh says what if Sarla is scared because of Tanu and Nikhil. Pragya says may be and asks them to be with her. Purabh says okay, and asks her to return home soon. Pragya wonders why her mother is worried. Purabh thinks if Sarla is worried because of Tanu and Nikhil and wonders if they are planning something. Meanwhile, Nikhil gets ready to bring an end to Pragya. One of Nikhil’s men inform him that the lady didn’t come till now. Nikhil assures him that she will come, and explains his plan to his hired killer in which he replied Nikhil that he understood. Nikhil waits for her anxiously and thinks Tanu might be thinking she will gain from her death, but he will get a new lease of life. He will double-cross Tanu and he can take advantage of Tanu’s pregnancy and will take over Abhi’s company after Pragya’s death. He say to himself that whatever Aaliya thought to do, he will do that and will fly high with those wings.

Tanu is about to sit in the car and sees someone keeping eye on her. She sees Mitali in the car’s mirror and decides to kill her after Pragya, else she will trouble her. Mitali asks the driver to follow Tanu’s car. Abhi wonders why Tanu is not picking the call and comes to her room hearing the phone ring. He thinks where did she go? He picks the call. The receptionist says this is a confirmation call for sonography and check up. Abhi inform the caller that she have postponed the appointment to next week but the receptionist tells Abhi that there may be some confusion and that the doctor wants to discuss last sonography report with him. Abhi realize that Tanu has lied to him after knowing that her appointment was not postponed and asks what will he do without Tanu?

The receptionist asks him to come and meet the doctor. Abhi says okay. He calls Tanu and thinks where did she go. Tanu calls Nikhil and says she has a double plan. She says Mitali is following her and asks him to kill Mitali also. Nikhil scolds Tanu for this and says committing murder is not a joke and asks her not to come there. Tanu says she want to see Pragya dying. Nikhil asks her to think at greener side once Pragya dies, and asks her not to come. Tanu cuts the call and thinks she can’t miss Pragya’s death live show.

On the other hand, Mata Chawki starts at Abhi’s home. Daasi asks the priest to do the puja. The priest starts doing the puja. Everyone do the aarti ( prayer ). Rachna prays to God to clear Sarla’s tension and give success to Pragya. Daadi recalls inauspicious things that happens at the house, and asks God not to let anything happen to Pragya.

Abhi comes to his room and thinks he have to go alone and meet the doctor. He sees Pragya’s purse and thinks she forgot it. He recalls Pragya scolding him for not keeping the things at it’s place. A flashback is shown. Pragya picks his appointment diary and thinks how can he keep it on bed. Abhi comes and asks her to move. He searches for his diary. Pragya scolds him for keeping it at the wrong place. Abhi asks why is she scolding him. Pragya says she never keeps her stuff here and there. If anything like this happen and whenever she forgets something then he can call and scold her. Flashback ends. Abhi thinks to scold her as she did once and calls her. Pragya thinks he is missing her and picks the call. Abhi pretends to scolds her and tells her that she forgot her purse on the bed. Pragya says she forgot purse many times and asks what happened? Abhi says he is angry at Tanu and tells Pragya that she lied to him that her appointment is cancelled and that Tanu left for somewhere after she left from the house.

Pragya gets doubtful as Tanu lied to Abhi. Abhi also tells Pragya that he is missing her. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks her to tell him the same. Pragya says even she is missing her purse and him. Abhi says it is good, she keep forgetting things and they will talk like this. Pragya says it is not needed, as she will never leave him. Abhi is happy hearing this. Pragya smiles and recalls their romantic moments together. Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai song plays in the background. Abhi thinks from where the boring appointment came from, it is happening because of Tanu. Now he have to go. Pragya reaches the place she has been asked to meet at and thinks where did Tanu go and lied to Abhi but she thinks to focus on the lady and to collect the proofs against Tanu. Nikhil get happy and signal his men that Pragya has arrived. The goon on the bike and truck driver get ready. Pragya wonders where Nikhil’s wife is. Nikhil thinks she came to meet her death and not his wife.

Pragya cross the road and falls prey to the ploy laid by Nikhil and Tanu and meets her end as the truck driver hits her while acting to save her. Nikhil thinks this is the end of her story. Sarla shouts Pragya looking at her injured body. Tanu smiles and says her kumkum and husband couldn’t help her. However, it all turns out to be dream and Sarla wakes up horrified. She starts to pray to the Almighty and says to herself that she will save her daughter and tries to move her legs. She hears Daadi and everyone doing the puja and aarti. She asks God to give her strength and understand her motherly’s love. Been concerned about her daughter’s life, she make all effort to regain her strength and stands back on her feet with much difficulty and comes out of the room. She tries to call out Purabh but her voice fails her. Purabh who is standing outside the room, turns and is shocked to find Sarla out of her room. He rushes to her and sees that she is crying. He asks her what happened? Sarla shows her Pragya’s photo in the frame but he does not understand what Sarla is trying to say about Pragya and tells her that he will take her there.

Tanu asks the driver to take her fast and break signal. Mitali also asks the driver to take her back home as they missed Tanu at the signal. Meanwhile, Pragya thinks why is her tensed and suspect something wrong is going on. She thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Tanu lied to Abhi, and went when she came out. She decides to check again if she is Tanu. Tanu says she have reached there, and asks if she is coming there alone. Pragya gets doubtful and believes that the lady who has asked her to meet is actually Tanu and calls her Tanu. Tanu is shocked, and says she is not Tanu. Pragya asks her to answer her face to face. She says when she ( Pragya ) can come there, she ( Tanu ) also show the strength. She want to know what she is playing against her. She says it is enough of rat and mouse game. Tanu disconnect the call. She calls Nikhil and informs her that Pragya came to know everything. Nikhil scolds her and says it is her mistake. Tanu says she didn’t tell her anything.

Nikhil shouts at her and tell her that she don’t need to come now as everything is over. Tanu says Pragya wants to talk to her face to face and confront her and that the fight will be infront of each other. Nikhil says Pragya is giving them a chance to kill her, and is accepting her death. He asks his goons to get ready as the victim is coming in 5 minutes. He then says Pragya, is most welcome. Pragya wonders what Tanu want to do? She thinks she have to take this risk, may be she can get some proofs against her.

Puja continues to happen at the Mehra house. Mitali comes back home and thinks she would have blackmailed Tanu and made her dance on her tune. She then falls down because of the water on the floor. Daasi comes there. Mitali asks her to help her get up. Daasi refuses and leaves. Pammi comes there and asks her to stay there itself. Mitali gets irked and thinks she will not think anything wrong about anyone.

Purabh asks Sarla if she know where Pragya is? He then says how can she speak? He gives her tissue paper and pen and asks her to write. Sarla writes the address. Purabh calls Pragya and asks her to return home as her life is in danger. Pragya says she will come once she does the work. Daadi and Rachna come to the room, and sees Sarla missing in the room. They wonder where she is? Akash comes and says he will call Purabh. Mitali thinks it is a good chance to trap Tanu. Daadi says what to do now? Mitali says they should inform Pragya that Sarla is missing from her room. Daadi refuses, and says Pragya will get worried and they will also not inform Abhi. Sarla prays to God not to lets anything happen to her Pragya. Purabh asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks God to keep Pragya away from Tanu. Pragya thinks to take the risk if she will unite with Abhi. Pragya reaches there in her car. Nikhil and Tanu’s plan move forward as per their intentions, Nikhil thinks she will get down from her car searching for Tanu but just then, Purabh reach there in his car along with Sarla. Sarla comes of out of the car with much difficulty and falls down on the road.


  1. I hate this film so much couze tanu is not able to get exposed i hate her the most it is all the producers fault please end this film if you cant be a good producer pkease i beg

  2. Lol…twist of story! u guys should stop playing with our love 4 Zee World biko(please)


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