Home THE VOW We Applaud and celebrate this amazing and talented actress today

We Applaud and celebrate this amazing and talented actress today

We Applaud and celebrate this amazing and talented actress today

We applaud👏👏👏and celebrate 🎇this amazing and talented actress today… She’s indeed proven to be one of the most dangerous vipers(Antagonist) so far on #Zeeworld … Her role isnt as easy as many will presume… She has entice us with her talented skills.. Indeed she deserves to be honoured and appreciated💕💕💕 She might have been shoot 🔫by her very own son in today’s episode #TheVow2 but this isn’t the last of her… She will be back to seek revenge as well😂and this time she will be more spiteful😡😡


  1. And u people are happy to tell us dat she is coming back for revenge.. What revenge are u talking about pls?.. If anyone should be talking about revenge here, it should be Amar and Dyvia and not Sindoora.. D police are suppose to kill her straight up with no waste of time.. Imagine u guys talking about her coming back for revenge. Evil mustn’t always rule over d good pls.. Who she epp? Zee world u guys can annoy me shaaa..

  2. Sindora is fetish and wicked in real life I believe she is just acting her real self. She is a divorcee and she has a daughter of 7yrs . Her ex-husband is a producer and actor, but he will always take order from Sindora. So the man became fed up with Sindora behavior. But now she is dating Mr ranvi arluwalia

    1. Your comment …i really appreciate everything from this page and i wanted to know when twist of fate is coming back on zee world thanks

  3. zee world is beginning to bore me. …..firstly Sid and Roshny died at the end ……now vidyan amar are still gonna suffer wth sindoora …lol ….change iys smthing btr coz this aint interesting. ….we need happy n quick ending not to continue beating around the bush …..evil is winning ….why???

  4. Amar can be very sluggish n annoying sometimes. How could he drop a loaded gun beside sindora after pointing it at her? Doesn’t his medula tell him that she might be faking her repentance???? The guy the smack my balls….I swear!


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