EPISODE 21 – 23

Avni sits with Bhavna and then Bhavna asks her what is she thinking? Avni tells her that nothing and she was just thinking how did she and her father do their marriage and asks her mother about her marriage story, Bhavna asks if she always think of this, Avni then asks her how did she say yes to her father and how was their marriage done. Bhavna blushes and tells her to be quiet and Savri tells her to please say it, Bhavna gets up to give Suketh his tablets and that time Savri calls Dauji. Dauji tells Bhavna to tell them as they will not leave her easily, Bhavna then says that she had done the decision by taking the photos without looking at them and then she kept them in a line and she had a sweet parrot, she left the parrot to decide to take the photo and whichever it chose she would marry that man and luckily the parrot chose Suketh then everyone say ohhhhhhhh, Bhavna goes to give tablets and Suketh says that she did not chose him and the parrot chose him, Bhavna tells him that who knows the parrot only listened to her. Avni is pleased to know the whole story. Meanwhile, Raj is also in the car and he then gets his sister’s call and she asks him where is he going, Raj is having the shagun with him on neighboring seat and he tells her that he is not Jaipur and out of Jaipur for a drive, she asks where is he and why didn’t he ask her and jiju before going, Raj then tells that he is going to the khatushyam temple and he is giving that shagun in the temple, and tells that he is going to mandir to take Mannat for his sister to give birth to a child. Jiju listens to this and gets happy. Raj tells his sister that she is not the only one who wants a child and he also wants a small one at home to play with and who will call him as mama, his sister gets happy and Raj says bye and says he will call afterwards, he keeps the phone down and his sister hugs her husband.

On the other hand, everyone have stopped at a place and are having lunch happily and finally Avni removes gajar ka halwa and she gives one spoon on Bhavna’s saying to Dauji and they all enjoy having the lunch, Avni says her parents is the best couple and after that it’s Akshat and Arpita’s. Arpita’s father tells Dauji that their children are very respecting towards elders and they have learnt traditional values, Dauji says that yes they are good and Arpita’s father tells him that he is happy to have given his daughter in such good family. Suddenly Abhay gets a call, he takes it andgoes far to talk, on the call he is told something and Abhay gets very angry and says that he will not leave those rascals and those corrupt people and will put a fight in the rally. He keeps the phone down, everyone have heard this and Suketh who was angry goes to him and tells him that he thought that at least he would be good today but here also he is very abusive and Avni comes there to change the topic. She asks Abhay if he want halwa, Suketh then goes from there and Avni tells Abhay not to fight today. Abhay goes angrily in the car, there everybody get up as the lunch finished and sit in bus, Avni asks her mother if she can go with Abhay. Bhavna says yes and Avni goes at the car and keeps her bag in the car, Abhay tells Avni not to come with him as she will get bored and he will continuously take calls and Abhay goes, Avni says that he is so angry and she is walking towards the bus, the bus driver tells that the car has gone ahead and can they go. Bhavna says okay and the bus also goes, Avni who is there sees them going and she shouts and runs behind the bus but it does not wait and the bus goes. Avni gets as she is left behind on the way as she comes late. She is very tensed and thinks she will call them and tell them but her she forgot her phone too in the Abhay’s car. Avni gets sad and scared and she walks the street till she comes to a small stall shop, she goes there and asks for the mobile but he tells that there can only done incoming calls and not outgoing, Avni gets sad and the shopkeeper tells her to ask the boys standing there, Avni goes there but they are very bad and the boys tell her they will help her and of course and they come nearer to her. Avni goes back but the shopkeeper comes and shouts at those boys and shoos them away, then Avni goes near the shop and prays to god to help her and as she is praying Raj’s car comes. He sees her and he immediately stops there, Avni sees that there is again one goon here and she ignores him, he asks what happened but she asks what is his problem, Raj the goes to the shopkeeper and takes a water bottle and then asks him about Avni and understands. Then Raj turns up on the way and tries to help Avni but she disagrees to go with him and tells she is waiting for the bus and Raj tells that the bus will not come early or maybe not even come, then Raj says okay and tells her that at least he can give her money and he removes 5o rupee note and gives her but she says no and thanks him but Raj tells that it is not any loan but it is her own note which she gave him in temple and Avni thinks that she already needs money as she does not have and she takes and Raj goes back in his car but is waiting there, Avni thinks why is he waiting here?

Abhaas has stopped to eat corn and even the bus has stopped. And everyone get out and Bhavna goes to Abhay and she offers him revdi and then tells him to give Avni also, Abhay tells her only to give to Avni as she came with them, Bhavna gets shocked and says no that she did not come with her and she told she will come with him, Abhay gets scared and even Bhavna and then everyone come there and they understand. When Avni’s family find out that Avni is missing, Avni’s father starts scolding her brother, Abhay to be irresponsible. Abhay tells they should find Avni first and then shout at him later and he gets in car and goes to find her and they all also get in bus.

Meanwhile, Avni gets a bus and she leaves for her home but there is no place to sit and the bus has overloaded with people down and Avni asks where will she sit, the conductor tells her up on the deck and Avni has to go up. She goes up and she sits there adjusting, Raj gets an expression of tensed feeling, the bus goes and Raj takes his car behind that bus and follows it.

Avni is travelling on a bus and Raj is following her in his jeep. Avni looks at Raj’s car and thinks why is he following her? A man plays song on tape and Avni is getting irritated and she is sad and is sitting there. Raj thinks in his mind that how stubborn she is, and does not listen and says he is also not less stubborn and promises to follow her until she reaches home safely. Meanwhile, Abhay has come to a toll booth where there is checking going on and he asks a police man that he is finding a girl and her name is avni and she is his sister and he shows him the photo and tells him to come with him to find her.

On the other hand, the bus had broken down and as the bus is repaired and everyone again get on the bus and all sit there, Avni looks there where Raj has also stopped his car, avni says to herself that today this boy will not leave her. Raj thinks there that he cant leave this girl alone on the bus with strangers and he should go with her, the bus is departing and raj gets down from car and goes running and climbs on the deck of the bus as his jeep brokes down he also boards the bus in which Avni is sitting. Raj then tells Avni that his car also broke down so he came in bus. Avni misunderstands Raj and thinks he is stalking her and says to herself that why is he saying this to me? Raj then tells her sorry that he is doing wrong by following her but his car broke down so he came in bus, Raj then removes his mobile and tells her to give him her number, Avni says to herself that he is saying sorry and then also taking her number, Avni tells him why should she give him her number, Raj tells her to dial it on his mobile, Avni says why should she dial her number on is mobile so that he can call her anytime he wants, Raj says not her but her parents as she can call them and tell them as they are very tensed for her, Avni says to herself that he is saying right and she should call, she takes his mobile to call but there is no network, Raj says that his jiju always says that whenever all ways are closed then one should shout in air like this to give more difficulties, Avni gives him his mobile and then looks in front, Raj looks behind and sees that three men are looking at Avni with bad intentions and he comes in between so that they are not able to see.

After sometime the bus waits at a eatery and is waiting for 20 minutes, Avni is getting down and Raj is standing there so that Avni gets down properly. The moment she gets down, she goes at the eatery, Avni looks at the food and then says she has only 50 rupees and what will she buy in this money, Raj listens and then goes and offers her what will she like to have, Avni decline him then thanks him. She goes to a small stall and takes a lays from there, those 3 men are also there and they come and sit there in front of the stall and are looking at Avni with bad intention and seducing expressions. Raj looks at this and that time, the lays packet form Avni’s hand falls down and she picks it up but her dupatta comes out so she takes it on her hand, Raj looks at the men looking at Avni with bad intentions, Raj goes there and he takes that dupatta and he puts it on Avni’s shoulders. Avni gets angry and shouts at him loudly and tells him that since when she is watching he is not leaving her and is continuously following her and now enough is enough and he is now trying to touch her and he thinks that she is alone so he will touch a lone girl, Raj tries to explain that he was just trying to save her from the bad looks of those people but Avni does not listen and then those same three men tell Avni addressing her as Ma that if again this boy troubles her then they are there and she can come to them and those men give cunning smile and Raj gets angry at them and Avni goes. Raj goes again behind her but then Avni goes at those men and she tells them that this boy is trying to follow her since when, the 3 men tell that they will see this boy and till then she can sit with them and they will see that who will touch her again and they smile, Avni says she will go and drink water, Avni goes and Raj looks at the men angrily. The men say that the girl is an item and she will sit with them and in bus also when she will sit with them and when the brakes of the bus will be put that time the girl will keep her hand on them for support and listening to this, Raj gets angry and punches one and the other two get scared and run away, Raj hits that one man and tells him to repeat what he said and will he do it again, till then Avni comes there and sees him and she again goes angrily thinking this boy is such a goon.

Raj gets up and tries to stop her and then goes behind Avni and he then calls her by her name and Avni thinks that he is such a goon and he also knows her name, finally they come beside a cliff and Raj tells Avni not to misunderstand him and Later, Raj shares the truth that he was just trying to help Avni and that she trusts people easily and at that time Avni tells him to go away from there and Avni is going behind step to step and Raj is going towards her to tell her but Avni goes back and comes at the end of the cliff and is going to fall when Raj catches her and pulls her back and then he tells her that see down and tells that if today she would have fallen then something would have happened to her and tells that form when he is trying to make her understand and help but she is not listening to him and even now he was helping her and he was only following her to ensure that she reaches at her family members safely and he came in the bus but just to save her from the bad intentions of the people and he also fought with that guy only because they were talking bad things about her and he was just helping her nothing else and if it is wrong to help and fight with someone then he is a goon and Raj tells that love in life and loving life, both are important and Raj goes away. Avni realises that Raj was not following her and is a good man. She understands her mistake and she recalls that Raj had saved her in concert as he had said the same line that time also and this time also he saved her and he also offered her lift and gave her money and also came in bus but only to save her from bad intentions of the 3 men and he was very caring.

Avni says to herself that what has she done and has mistaken a good person to be a bad one and she said so much bad to him and also thought bad about him and she has to first say thank you and
decides to apologise to Raj. Avni goes then to find Raj but she can’t see him and then she sees him taking bottle. She calls him and Raj turns. Avni runs towards him while Raj is walking there towards her and he is smiling, but until she reaches to him, Avni’s brother, Abhay finds her and comes in between with his car and Avni gets happy. Raj sees that Abhay is there and he turns back and goes as he was that boy. Abhay is happy that he found Avni and he apologizes to her and Avni says its okay and he tells her to get in car, Avni tells Abhay that one boy took care of her till they came here and she shows him but Raj is gone and so they sit in car and go.

Everyone have come in the bungalow which they had hired and Suketh tells that Abhay is not picking up his phone and he don’t believe this boy and he will not bring Avni and Suketh tells Akshat that they will arrange a car and they should go and find Avni, Akshat says okay but Bhavna comes down and tells them there is no need as she got a message from Abhay that he got Avni and they maybe coming now, till then Abhay and Avni come, Bhavna and Avni hug and everyone thank god and Suketh is happy and Savri tells Avni that now she will be there with Avni and they both will go together. Everyone are happy. At night in Avni’s room, she is looking at the bracelet and she remembers Raj’s words and she smiles and looks at the bracelet. Abhay comes with tea and Avni immediately hides the bracelet under the pillow and Abhay comes there and tells that he is sorry and it was his mistake and he was so angry because of his and his father’s fight that’s why he went away angrily, Avni says it’s okay, Bhavna comes and tells that when Avni will be sent after marriage Abhay will only cry the most, Abhay tells that he will never let Avni go and not leave her in the hands of anyone, they smile.

Everyone comes out of the temple of khatushyam and they come to the market, Savri and Bhavna suggests to lets them shop in the market, Avni says yes and they are excited and Avni then shows some signs to Abhay. Avni tells Akshat that he also wait here and he can come with them and help, Akshat says okay and says yes and Savri says why, he tells there is so much crowd and he can help, Savri tells that till today he did not ask them and why now, she then tells Abhay and Akshat and to go and not get into women, they are forced to go and Avni gets sad as Akshat went. Savri sees a shop of jewellery and she says they should go there and they go, everyone go in the shop. Avni stands out to see the necklaces in the case kept out, from behind Raj is coming talking to jiju on phone and he tells that he gave the shagun to god and soon sister will be a mother and be ready. He laughs and keeps the phone down. Raj sees a shop with statues of lord Krishna and he likes one of them and buys one and there Arpita calls Avni in and at that time Raj turns but Avni has gone inside

While Avni and Arpita are seeing the necklaces, Raj is seeing bags and everyone come out and they go in spices shop, there Arpita gets cough and Avni goes to take water and she suddenly spots Raj again in the market, and same time Raj sees her and Avni gets happy and she smiles and Raj also, Avni goes towards him and Raj also comes there,
Avni tells him to wait as she has to talk to him but then Savri calls her and Avni tells Raj to stand there and she will come after sometime and till then he should wait here, Raj says okay and there Avni goes. Avni goes with her family and she looks behind twice and smiles. Bhavna and all go in the statues shop and are looking at statues. While Avni shops with her family and thinks about Raj that she could not say sorry to him and thinks that she has made him stand and he must be angry on her already and did she do right, Raj waits for her in the market still and thinks that has he done right waiting for her, he then says that yes and says she has told her so he will wait and at that time a persons bag falls and Raj bends to help. They all go and Avni thinks how will she go to him, she then looks there but can’t see him as he has bent down and Avni thinks that he went and good but she had to say sorry but she will meet him again and say next time, they go home. Raj gets up and then he does not see her and then says that he will wait there until she comes as she must be busy with her family.

At home they all come, avni is thinking of Raj and is smiling and she looks at his bracelet, in the evening she gets Devika’s call and Devika tells her that the concert photos have come on net and she can watch them, Avni then tells her that that did she know that boy who sung that song was good too, the call then cuts, she switches on the net on her laptop and Devika again calls and Avni tells her that the picture is being downloaded and she will see and call her again, the picture gets downloaded and it is Raj’s picture singing, Avni smiles looking at it and Abhay calls her and tells her to come down as all the elders have gone to sleep and fufaji is telling ghost stories, avni says okay and she will come, Avni then takes another picture to download but it is not so she says to herself that the picture will take time so she will go as Abhay called her, as Avni goes, the picture downloads and it is a picture of Akshat and Arpita in the photo.

Down there fufaji is telling the story and Abhay is making the noise in background, Arpita and Savri are scared and fufa tells that the door opens and then……Avni comes from back and shouts and Savri and Arpita shout and get scared, Avni then tells them that as it is very cold and suggests they should go and have tea and samosa, Savri says she never experienced such a cold ever and tells she and fufa will not come as it’s cold and they should bring parcel for them. Avni with Akshat and Aprita goes to market to have samosas and tea. At the tea point near the market they have tea and after that Abhay tells Avni to sit in car and he will pay the bill,

Avni goes and while she is opening the car door, she sees in mirror that someone behind is shivering with cold and she turns to see and finds out that Raj is still waiting in the market and he is the person shivering and he says that he will wait here till she comes. He then turns and she goes there running to him and then takes out her shall and puts it on his shoulder and asks that since morning was he standing here and waiting for her, Raj says yes, Avni then looks at him and smiles continuously and then asks why and tells that it was her mistake that she told him to wait, Raj says it’s okay, Avni asks that if she would have not come would he wait till morning, Raj says yes, avni smiles and then Raj asks if he should wait more, Avni says no and tells him that she wants to say something. She gives him his bracelet. Akshat calls her from there, Avni tells him to go home and tells they will meet again, Avni then goes away as Akshat called and on asked by Akshat, she tells him that she gave the shall to a man who was shivering there, Akshat says it’s so cold and she is doing charity and he removes his coat and puts it on her, when she is sitting in car, she sees Raj and smiles and goes. At home avni thinks in room that he was waiting for her the whole day and even in cold. She tells then that they both will again meet someday and it is sure and she smiles. Later, Avni and Raj thinks about each other and wish to meet again soon. Raj is in love with Avni.

Next morning, Akshat and his ceremony starts, Akshat is being given sweets to eat by his father in-law and then gifts also and Abhay is taking photographs, Avni quietly comes at the stairs and looks and again goes up smiling and she tells Bhavna that she also wanted to go. Bhavna tells her it is mens ceremony and she can’t go, Avni gets sad, Bhavna then tells that Arpita is going out alone and they will not be there and so only she ( Avni ) can go, Avni gets happy and she hugs Arpita, Arpita’s mother comes and tells them she never experienced such cold ever and they all smile.


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