At home Akshat comes and everyone sit in the hall, Bhavna brings the photos. She tells Dadaji that Buah selected 5 pictures and she counts and sees that it is 6 pictures. Dadaji says there must have been one more and then everyone take the pictures to watch, Akshat is sitting there and Bhavna takes the last photo and looks at it, Akshat looks at that picture and he smiles as it is his girlfriend, Arpita whom his mother select as Akshat’s prospective bride.

Bhavna says she never saw the picture of this girl, as Avni was watching Akshat keep smiling and she understood and she tells Bhavna that Shastri ji showed them 500 pictures and she saw this picture and she knows this girl. She was senior to them in college and Devika also says yes. They read Arpita’s details and she belongs to their cast and her name is Arpita and her father is a diamond dealer who has a big business in diamonds. They all like the girl and Avni looks at Akshat and smiles.



In Avni’s room, she takes bread, butter and all to Bhujia to eat. Even Raj takes the same to eat. Avni puts on bread butter and then puts allo Bhujia on it and eats it. Raj also does the same. Devika tells Avni that she brought it for her and is eating by herself, Avni says she loves this and while talking she puts on aloo bhujia on it and some falls so she gets down to pick it up. Raj is also taking and some falls and he also picks it up.


Raj’s sister is doing preparations for her anniversary, she says she is going to surprise her husband by making cupcakes. Raj gets mad and he goes up and calls jiju ( brother in-law ) and tells him that his sister is going to make cupcakes. Jiju tells him to please save him from her cupcakes and to please do something as he can’t eat her cupcakes and he tells him that he is going to surprise his sister and if he eats the cupcakes then he will only be surprised. Raj assures him that he will do something.

Raj’s sister is removing sarees and is deciding what to wear. Raj starts telling her not to wear this and that and he does this so that the time passes and his sister does not get time to make the cupcakes. Raj is continuously telling his sister that she also needs to do makeup or else she will look aunty, his sister hits him with pillow and tells him that he calls her aunty.

Meanwhile, Devika asks Avni what type of boy she wants in which she says that first of all that person should be disciplined and not talk much. On the other hand, Raj is the reverse, she says that the boy should not be too fair and he should be handsome but god from heart. Raj’s sister tells Raj that she does not need makeup as she is fair and Raj is fairer than her. Devika tells her that she will not get such a boy so easily with all those qualities.

Avni tells her friend that if those are not there then it’s okay but the boy should have honesty in his eyes and should be true and a person to believe. Raj’s sister wears saree and Raj lies and tells her that she is looking good. His sister goes out of the room and Raj asks her what is she doing in which she reply that she is going to make cupcakes and he tells her not to make it but then she locks him in the room and tells him that she will open only after making the cupcakes are made.

Raj then goes on the bed and sits there, he takes Avni’s payal( anklets ) and is looking and smiling at it. Avni tells Devika that her husband should be very loving, in those talks Avni removes one of her payal and takes another leg to remove that payal when she finds that her payal is missing and she takes 1 payal and looks at it and Raj on the other hand is looking at the other payal.

Akshat enters Avni’s room and asks her what are they talking about, Avni tells him that they are talking nothing. Akshat asks them if they will come for a long drive. Avni says that of course they will come but will their mother and father allow it, Akshat tells her that he already asked them and they said yes. He says they also have to give Daal Baati and the photo of the girl. He tells them to get ready and he will remove the car.

Akshat goes and Avni tells Devika that her brother is looking so happy today. They all go in a car. Meanwhile, Raj’s sister has done the preparations and she has made the cupcake and has decorated the plate with flowers and kept it in the middle of the show table in the hall. He looks at the cupcake as if he is a detective. He tells his sister that at last she has made the cupcake and his sister tells him that this is the surprise.

She tells Raj to put on the candles and she will go in the kitchen and bring cake. Raj says Jiju ( brother in-law )now is dead as he is going to feel like poison on eating the cake. Jiju comes and sees that cupcakes and he prays to Raj that to do something as he does not want to eat the cake and die. He begs him to do something.

The driver comes in and keeps the bouquet of flowers and before going he wishes him happy anniversary brother in-law ( Shail ), the driver is about to go when Shail gets an idea and he stops him, he tells him that he wished him so he wants to give him the cupcake to eat and Shail takes the cupcake and tells him to eat, the driver is very excited.

He takes the cake and Raj tells him to eat and it is good as his sister has made it, as the driver listens that it is made by sister, the driver immediately decline and says he does not want, Shail asks why, the driver says he has diabetes and Shail says that till now he was eating and suddenly he remembers he had diabetes.

Shail tells him to eat and he forces him to eat even as the driver refused, Shail takes the cake in his hand and puts it in the drivers mouth and the driver have no choice but to eats it. Raj’s sister comes and Shail goes to her and tells her that cake was very nice and he ate the whole cake and it was excellent, while Raj covered the driver mouth, Raj’s sees Shail’s hand and the cream is on it, she asks him did he eat the whole cake, Shail says yes and his wife asks him didn’t he feel anything in his stomach. Shail says no and his wife tells him there was a diamond pendant in it. Hearing this, Shail and Raj get shocked and the driver behind Raj who ate the cake says ‘WHAT?’ and falls down on the ground.

Akshat who is very happy goes to Bua’s house with Avni and Devika. Akshat are at Buah’s house and they are seeing the photo. Bua grills Akshat about Arpita and asks what is her name, Akshat says Arpita, Buah looks at the photo and says she is beautiful and asks about her details. Avni says her father is a diamond dealer and jeweler and they all live in Jaipur, Buah tells her chachu(Buah’s husband) must have know that man. Buah tells them that she will look at the photo afterwards nicely and there Akshat also announces that it’s time they have to go home, they all take her blessings and go. Buah looks at the photography.

In the hospital, Raj and his family have gone to remove the pendant from the drivers stomach. Raj’s sister tells Shail that she will not talk to him as he lied to her and gave the cake to the driver. Shail apologize to his wife and that he just gave it as a gift, she tells him that she does not want to talk and Shail inform Raj the same. Raj comes and tells his sister to forgive his brother in-law and says he is sorry for that, Raj’s sister is adamant and says she will not forgive him and she goes away from there. Shail runs behind her and Raj tells him he will do something.

While Avni, Devika and Akshat are in the car. Akshats mobile is kept on the dashboard and it rings and it’s Arpita. Avni is about to pick it but Akshat suddenly stops the car and takes his phone away. He tells Avni to go and eat ice cream. After that he calls Arpita and says he will call her later.

Raj is also at the ice cream shop. The moment he leaves, Avni and Devika also come there. Raj and Avni pass by each other. Ek duje ke vaste song plays in background. They fail to see each other. The shop owner tells Avni love increases by eating ice cream in cold weather. Avni says what? The shop owner points at Raj and says he said it. Avni turns back and looks at him, but he just leaves from there in his car. Avni smiles.

On the other hand, Raj thinks about Avni late at night on his terrace as he looks at the moon. He wonders what has happened to him as he keeps seeing Avni everywhere. Why he has started acting so strangely. Such day came for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Avni is also in her balcony and she too thinks today was so strange. Raj says he didn’t talk to her, but he still smiles when he thinks about her.

Avni wonders if it’s same between her brother and Arpita. If that is what it’s call love. On the other hand, Raj deny. how can this be love? No chance. He don’t even know her name. What she does and nothing about. He don’t even know if she will meet him again. Avni wonders if she will find someone with whom she will get connected to, who will be stranger, but will look like her own. Raj says his feelings can’t be love but then wonders how love would be. Avni wonders if love exit and that she wants to feel it and will it come in her life. Both leave wondering and smiling.. title song plays in the background.

Avni’s mother puts medicine in her father’s eye. Avni comes there. Her mother is surprised to see her up so early. Avni says today she woke up without alarm and came to put solution in her father’s eyes. Her mother asks how did she know that new solution was needed. Avni says yesterday when everyone was looking at the photos, her father didn’t see any photos so she understood and she brought new solution for him.


Avni puts solution in her father’s eyes and shows Aprita’s photo to her father for approval. Her father says she’s good. Avni then tells him to read the newspaper and she leaves. Her mother looks on while she leaves. Her mother comes outside and stops Avni. She gives her permission to go to the concert now. Avni says she didn’t bring solution for any negotiation. It was just for her father. Avni leaves and her mother gets emotional.

She comes back to Avni’s father and says Avni has got sensible now. It’s time to find a guy for her. She hopes the guy will be just like her. While everyone is at the dining table, a servant comes and says some Shashtri ji has come. Avni’s mother tells him to make him sit outside. Avni’s father asks about him.

Avni’s mother says she has called the priest to match Akshat and Aprita’s kundali. Akshat coughs. Avni asks her mother if it’s required for kundlis to match when they all like Arpita. Her mother says yes. Bau ji agrees and says kundalis are matched by humans and jodi’s are matched by the God. If a jodi is matched, then kundalis will definitely match. Everyone is in the hall now. Shashtri ji is matching kundalis. Akshat comes there as well and he seems nervous about something.


Shastri ji looks at Arpitas kundali and matching nit with Akshat’s. Meanwhile, Arpita reads the newspaper and is reads Akshat’s horoscope that today there are chances of people tying their new relationships. Arpita gets excited after seeing Akshat’s horoscope and calls him in excitement.

She tells him that she read all this in his horoscope, as Akshat is sitting with his father and everyone ,he says yes sir they have given the samples to check and the results will be finally and Arpita understands and she listens and asks is there anyone near, Akshat says yes sir and that he will give the tender when he comes from home to office. He keeps the phone down and tells him that he has to go to office. His father asks if he is going to office then the tender he wants to show should be new. Akshat says okay and before going Bhavna tells him not to be tensed as everything will be good and fine. He goes.


Raj and one of his are doing morning exercise and running outside. There friend asks why didn’t him pick up his phone since yesterday, Raj says he was busy. His friend asks if it a girls matter, Raj deny that it is not. His friend then tells him that there a competition for kitty club member’s children today and he will win in that. Raj assures him that whichever competition it may be he will win. His friend suggests him to lets them see.


Arpita is patiently waiting for Akshat near a fort. Akshat comes and Arpita asks him if their kundalis match. He acts to be sad and tells her no. She gets sad. He says that they both will never be able to marry each other and are very unlucky. Arpita tells him that he tried everything he could and he even mixed up her photos with the other girl’s photos but still nothing happened and she tells him that their destinies are very bad and they will never get together.

She departs to go when Akshat stops her and tells her that their destinies are not bad at all and later, Akshat informs Arpita that there is no problem in their marriage as their stars have been matched and he hugs her. She becomes very happy and he expresses his love for her and she reciprocate that she love him too. Down the fort a rajastani song is being played and both are looking at it.


At Avni’s house, Devika is packing all the ingredients she needs for the competition. Avni comes and sees Devikas recipe and says that she again wrote it wrong and tells that the putting hing comes before putting coriander leaves. Devika says that she is very confused and tells Avni to come with her so that she will also help and tells that helpers are allowed for the competition.

Avni says her mother will not allow, Devika tells her to ask at least once, Avni asks and Bhavna allows her. Avni takes Bhavna’s blessings and assures her that they will win and comes and they both get into the car. Devika is still tensed and Avni asks her why is she so tensed, Devika says that she is not tensed for the daal baati but is tensed that why she told that they will win and come. Avni asks her why she is getting so nervous and tells that they will surely win as she knows the recipe.


At home, Buah is looking at Arpita’s photo and is thinking that she had seen her somewhere and till then Bhavna calls her and asks how is the girl. She tells her that the girl is very beautiful and that her father is a good business man too. Bhavna says they have chosen the right girl, Buah says she thinks she has seen her somewhere and Bhavna says she must have seen her somewhere and must not be remembering and Bhavna says okay and tells her that she has work and she will keep the phone now. They keep the phone down but bBah says to herself that she has seen the girl somewhere but don’t know where.


Buah sits on the sofa and is thinking she has seen Arpita somewhere, her father in-law comes and is talking with a man named Sanjay, he tells him that he does not want to do the deal with that man as he does not want to get duped again as he was duped 6 years ago on this name that they both were best friends. Bau ji(father in-law of Buah) tells Sanjay that he will go and tell them no for the deal, Buah listens to this and tell her to make tea and send it in his room, Buah says okay. Buah asks Sanjay what is that person’s name who duped Bau ji, Sanjay says he is Manish Sharma and he goes, Buah thinks and remembers and says to herself that yes and that Arpita is the daughter of Manish Sharma and she had seen her 6 years ago. She says to herself that her father had duped her family and she will not allow this relation to happen with Akshat.


Avni and Devika go on their table and set everything there. Devika asks Avni what if they lose then? Avni tells her that they will not, Devika tells okay and then says that the girl that Akshat got is very beautiful and Avni says yes, Devika then asks if a boy that is very handsome comes today and asks her that, “can she ask her a question? And ask if she will marry her ,then, Avni tells her to shut up and suddenly Devika remembers that she did not bring the plates and tells her that she will bring it now and Devika goes. Avni looks at her and smiles and says to herself that this girl is so mad and that she always talks about love and not something else and sometimes asks her question like if a person meet her and says can she asks her a……from behind suddenly a man calls Avni and says can he ask her a question?, Avni turns and gets anxious and when she turns it is Raj and Raj gets stunned to see Avni and Raj is also participates in the Dal- Bati competition.

He gets lost in her beauty and is thinking of their meeting at the temple and how beautiful she is? Even Avni remembers that he was that man who was running behind their car that day. She asks him if he was the man who was running behind their car, Raj is still looking at her and smiling and even Avni is looking at him, Devika comes and says what is happening and she asks Raj that what happened and then she sees that even he has worn the batch of a contestant and says that he is a contestant and go on his table and then she asks him that he is a man and why is he here in this competition, Raj tells that this competition was kept for club members children and what can he do if all the club members have only daughters. Avni is looking at him and it seems on her face that she likes the way he talks.

Then they go on their tables and both their tables are beside each other. They are preparing as competition is about to start, Avni and Devika are preparing and Raj is looking at Avni, Avni looks at him and again does her work and Avni looks at him again and then asks doesn’t he want to prepare, Raj says he does not know anything and he did not even prepare at home once and he does not even have a helper so Raj asks Avni help in making Dal Bati.

Devika listens and goes to him and tells him that she has brought Avni with her so that she gets some help and not for him and she asks why is he asking her help if he does not know her, Raj tells devika that they know each other and Devika asks Avni, Avni tells her in ears that she knows him as she had mistaken him to be a beggar and given him 5o rupees, Raj begs Avni to please make her friend understand and he needs help, Devika says no and tells that she will not send Avni for help, Avni tells her slowly to please let her help him and in this way her guiltiness will also go, Devika asks who will help her, Avni says she will help after she does some work for him. They go on their tables and the competition starts, Avni and Devika start doing the work and Raj is looking at Avni and smiling and has not started anything, Avni looks at him and asks why isn’t he doing anything and what is he waiting for, he says for her and then says he means he is waiting for her help, Avni tells Devika she will help him and her together in between and she goes and starts making the dough.

Raj is looking at Avni and is smiling and suddenly Avni’s hair comes down so she takes her hand and puts it behind and some wet dough is left on her hair, raj points out to her and avni asks what?, Raj takes some dough and puts on his hair and shows that this is on her hair, she removes it and asks why did they meet again, Raj says it’s their destinies, Avni smiles and makes the dough and tells him that she will go and help Devika and as she is going her dupatta gets stuck in a nail on the end of Raj’s table, Raj stops her and tells her to wait and he removes her dupatta from that nail, Avni sees behind and thanks him that this is her favorite dupatta and thanks for saving it. Raj tells her that the ‘thanks’ word does not suit her and only a smiles suits her, Avni smiles and goes to Devika’s table and helps her, Raj is still looking at her and smiling and is lost in her beauty.




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