EPISODE 12 – 15

At Raj Home, Jiju came with breakfast In Raj’s Room and told Raj that his Jiji ( sister ) is still sleeping. Raj was in his thoughts .Jiju asked him about this. He told Jiju that he made a Map of her(Avni’s) Home and Jiju saw it and Raj explained all his Logics to find Avni’s home. Jiju apppreciates his talent but laughed at his craziness. Raj told Jiju that Person turns Crazy in Love and its Obvious.

Love Oh Love   Zee World
Love Oh Love Zee World

At Avni’s home, Sawri called Bhavna.. Sawri asked Bhawna her well being and she replied she is making tea for Abhas.. Saawri asked Bhavna if Abhas met Suket. Bhawna said Not yet then Saawri asked about Arpita issue and Bhavna told her to hold on and she will decide after asking Bauji. Saawri unhappy and then cut the phone.

At breakfast table, Suket was not happy seeing Abhas favorite food.. Abhas came and congratulate Akshat. Abhay goes on talking and said nothing in home happens without Sukets permission. Suket is Angry with him. Abhas talks about rally and showing rally pictures to Avni, she was happy and excited. Suket says he is always involve in fightings after seeing Abhas injured hand. He told to call the doctor and if he go outside like this, it will affect their reputation. Ahass left in anger and Suket too. Akshat and Buaji told bhawna not to wry. Bhavna told Bauji that Saawri saw Arpita in the concert with some guy and Saawri is ready to break the alliance., Akshat is shocked. Bhavna says Saawri can’t lie. Bauji and Arpita discussed all this and were confused. Buaji says this matter is very sensitive and they need to think on it carefully and then decide. He assures her that he is with her.

At Raj home, Jiji is shocked to see Raj and Amit. They adopt typical government employee style with oily hair and specs. Both were in their characters fully. Jiji is confused. Jiju came and started to Flirt with Jiji and said he was no one before meeting her and now he has everything, family and all.

Everyone were laughing and Jiji told Jiju he did everything to won her heart and knew everything about her but Raj idiot know nothing and not even her name.
jiju told Raj to respect girls feelings and if she said no then Leave her, it’s her decision and he can’t force anyone. Raj is happy and at the same time agree with Jiju then he left with Amit to Find Avni’s home.

At Avni’s home, Abhas was showing rally pics to Avni … she was happy and excited. Bhavan came and asked him why he talked rudely with Suket. Bhawna and Avni told Abhas that Suket is nice. Abhas told Avni that once again father’s rule then she will see how much nice he is. Avni says all new things to Abhas then suddenly Bhavna gets worried and left from there. Bhavna thinks about Saawri said about Arpita. She to herself that “Her heart is not agree with what
Saawri said but she can’t even lie. She thought every coin has two sides and compare it with how Raj save Avni but people could think other way. Same is the case with Arpita. She called Saawri about it. Raj and Amit still on the mission to find Avni but disguising themselves as census Agents. Amit is irritated but Raj is laughing and enjoying it.

At Arpita home, Arpita and her mother talks about sarees and suits. The door bell rang and Arpita saw Akshat outside. She went outside hurriedly. Akshat tells everything to Arpita. Bhavna and Saawri are at Arpita’s home. Arpita and her mother welcome them. Both said some thing important to talk while Akshat hides behind the sofa. Arpita mother is worried and asked them about problem. Saawri starts in her own way and tells her everything and demand for an answer. Bhavna tells Arpita not to worry but just to clear the misunderstanding. Arpita says she went to the concert with her cousin Vinay. Her mother said she also took her permission. Bhavna is happy that the misunderstanding is cleared.

The spoon falls down, Arpita and Akshat are tensed and before Saawari can pick up spoon, Arpita gets up. She comes in front of Saawri Buah and tells that she will pick it up and what is the need for her to get up, Buah sits while Arpita picks the spoon, then they talk for sometime and Bhavna and Savri get up to go, they bless Arpita and then Bhavna and Savri go down, Arpita says she will come and she closes the door, Akshat comes out and tells him to go from the back door or they will be caught, Akshat goes. Arpita goes down, while Bhavna and Savri depart to go, Bhavna tells Arpita’s mother says she would like to take Arpita to buy sarees for her and her mother accepts and they go.

At home, Avni and Abhay are together while Avni shows him Arpita’s picture, he says sister in-law looks beautiful, Avni tells him about her and that she was a senior to her in college, Devika comes and she is happy to see Abhay and she exclaims that Abhay came!, She asks him if he didn’t miss anyone and why did he come so late and that did he bring anything for her, he tells her that he knows she wanted something so he gives her chocolate and she gets happy, avni gets sad behind and abhaas tells Devika that she have to share with Avni also, Avni gets happy and Arpita says okay. Abhay goes. Devika sits down and she gives the chocolate to Avni and tells her to eat, Avni tells that instead of them eating they should give to the person who saved her, Devika says yes and says they have to thank that man, Avni asks how will they find that person, Devika asks what if she can’t find that boy and ring the bell when he has to find her, suddenly the door bell rings and it is Raj and his friend. Raj rings the bell twice but no one opens it up, Avni and Devika get amazed but they sit and think someone will open it. His friend goes and sits on the chairs kept in the lawn, Raj goes there and he tells him to get up, his friend says this is the 56th house and asks if he will find that girl, Raj then spots a peacock paint on the wall and he feels that Avni is in this house, Raj tells his friend and he again rings the bell many times, Avni tells that no one opened the door, she tells Devika that she will open the door, Avni is going down, Abhay comes and sees his friend there, he goes to him and makes him get up, he asks who is he. Raj comes there, then Avni opens the door, but Raj is turned back, Abhay tells in signs to Avni to go, Avni goes up and closes the door. Abhay asks them who are they, then his friend who had worn duplicate moustache comes out from 1 side, Abhay then identifies both Raj and his friend who crash with his car, he tells them that he will call the police but Raj’s friend pulls the phone and throws it down and both Raj and he run, but Abhay catches friend, Raj stops and he goes back and catches Abhay’s hands and they wrestle, Raj throws Abhaas back and both of them run away, on hearing this sound Avni comes outside, Abhay goes at the gate and Avni comes there, he tells that he will not leave those robbers as he thinks that they are robbers, Avni tells him to cool down and they go.

Raj and his friend reach near the car and he suggests his friend to lets them find more, but his friends refuses and they go home. At home, Raj and his friend reach there. Raj tears the map he made, behind jiju, jiji ( his sister ) see and they go to him and jiji tells Raj if he can come with her for long drive. Raj says no , jiji tells jiju that he is also not coming, jiju asks if Raj will come then he will come, jiju and jiji tell that they will force Raj if he doesn’t come then Raj says okay and Raj goes to remove the car, jiju gets a call and remembers the order and he tells her cant come and tell jiji to go and jiji and Raj go.

At Avni’s home, Abhay is in room and he is telling his friend that he will not leave those loafers and that he will jail them and Abhay also uses slang words like ‘saale’ and then his dad comes and has heard everything. Abhaas keeps the phone and tells dad there were robbers so that’s why he was talking like this, his father gets angry and tells that he doesn’t understand how to talk at home and tells that he always is fighting and never is quiet, he is always acting like a goon and he tells him that he had got a police compliant and that he was fighting in his own rally with people, Abhay tells that they were harassing girls so he fought with them, his father tells him loudly and angrily that will he teach him today that what to do of girls and is roaming about making rallies. His father shout at him and tells him he will never act like a person, down Avni is sad and Bhavna and Avni are listening to the shouts, Avni tells Bhavna everything and they go up, Bhavna cools her husband and he angrily goes angrily down. Bhavna also goes, Avni tells Abhay that she is sorry and says she was just telling Buaji but Abhi’s father heard it and so he shouted at him, Abhay tells her it’s okay and that there is no mistake of her and he goes, Avni tells that this all happened because of those robbers.

At the shop in the evening, Arpita, Bhavna and Saavri are there while they are all busy choosing sarees, Avni comes and tells Arpita that she is not in a good mood to some but Arpita sister in-law was there so she came for shopping, Arpita and Avni are choosing sarees, Raj and his sister also come in the same shop, Raj tells that in a long drive why did they come here, his sister tells that she atleast has to do shopping while on long drive, then his sister sits, Raj thinks of roaming in the shop. Arpita chooses the saree and she takes it and then tells Bhavna that she is feeling bad that she is alone but sarees and she wants that avni also take, Avni says okay but says that she will take only if she chooses for her, Saavri is ignoring, Arpita choose and Avni goes in front of the mirror and puts the saree on her and sees, Raj who is roaming around see that Avni is there and he looks at her and smiles continuously.

Raj who spots Avni and keep smiling continuously, after sometime Avni turns and sees Raj, she remembers about Raj fighting in the hotel, she thinks what is he doing here, she goes from there towards everyone where they are sitting, Raj goes behind her Avni goes and sits there, Raj is stopped by his sister and Raj tells he was just roaming here and there, the owner comes and his sister tells him to pack all sarees which she took, the owner says okay, then sis also looks at Avni as she looks there because Raj is seeing her, then she looks at the saree Avni is wearing but the saree owner refuses as they have chosen it. Raj tells her to go and sit in the car and he will bring the saree, his sister goes, Raj tells the owner that he does not need that saree as they have already chosen it, owner thank him and says that he understood the situation because even they are his old customers and they have taken the sarees because they are having marriage at home, Raj tells whose, Arpita is standing there and the owner says it’s that girls marriage who is standing and the owner excuse himself and goes, Raj turns to see whose marriage it is, there Avni stands and makes Arpita sit and when Raj turns he sees Avni and he gets sad thinking she is the one getting married and remembers his first meet and every time he met her coincidentally, then the Khandelwal family get up to go and Raj goes at the stairs and stands there sadly whereas they all go, the owner comes with sarees and he asks Raj what happened, Raj says nothing, his sister comes and asks Raj why didn’t he still come as she was waiting, the owner gives the sarees and goes, Raj tries to tell his sister about the girl and she understands asays and asks if he meet her, Raj tells he got her but even lost her, Raj tells her that her marriage is going to happen, his sister gets sad and they go home.

At night, Avni read a novel and start crying after finis reading it, she tells herself why does this always happen and why does the hero not get the heroine even after doing so much, Devika calls her and asks what is she doing, Avni is still crying and Devika asks why is she crying she tells that the hero did not get the heroine and tells her that in the novel the hero did so much but did not get the heroine, Devika tells that she is stupid and cries for such small things, Avni tells that if the relationships are to be broken then why does god make them, then Avni tells Devika that she wants to sit alone for sometime and cuts the call, she then looks at the bracelet of Raj and smiles.

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At Raj’s home, Raj is looking at the 50 rupee note and the anklets and he says to himself that now what is the use of keeping those things if she can’t be his, he tells that he will not keep those things as remembrance, he puts in the drawer and sleeps. Next day jiju and his sister are down, Jiju call Raj when his sister tells to let him sleep as he has not slept the whole night,, but Raj comes down happily talking to the phone and saying that he wants everything in the catering good and they are top caterers in Jaipur and they have to give excellent service and even they will give one complimentary dish then he keeps the phone down and goes near dining table and eats kheer, his sister tells jiju that he does not like kheer still he is eating, jiju tells her that when love is broken then person can eat anything, jiju and his sister go to him, then jiju make him sit and tells that he will go and ask for his and that girls marriage at that girls family, Raj gets up and makes jiju sit and tells him that he only told him that if a girl says no then he should not go behind her, jiju gets happy and hugs him.

At Arpita’s house, the ceremony has started and everyone are happy, the catering, meanwhile jiju and Raj are there as the caterers for the engagement, Arpitas mother comes to jiju and jiju tells her that everything is ready and they will give excellent service to everyone, then jiju gives the sweet dish to taste and Arpita’s mother tastes it and gets happy saying that it’s excellent and that’s why his catering business is top in Jaipur. Then jiju asks where is the bride, she tells she is making halwa for her in-laws as it is their ceremony to do this, then she goes as she is talking with someone else.


Meanwhile in the kitchen, Arpita is trying to make halwa, the servant tells her to stop as he will do it as she will not get to do, then Arpita tells that she has to make by her own as it is for in-laws and she tells the servant to go and close the door, servant goes outside and closes the door. Raj comes with men to keep some desert in fridge, servant tells him that inside Arpita ma is making halwa and told not to disturb her, Raj asks then where to keep this, servant tells that in another fridge, Raj tells the men to take it away and put it in another fridge. They go and Raj then knocks the door and asks Arpita what is she doing, she tells she is making halwa and tells that it is not being made as some has stuck on the utensil, he tells her that he can give her tips to make the halwa, he tells her to take another fat utensil, he tells her how to make the halwa from outside and she makes as he tells and the halwa is made, then he tells her how to serve and tells her to take gold bowl, she does as he tells her, then after serving, it looks beautiful and is tasty, he asks her if they can be friends as he helped her, she says yes and she then thanks him, he tells that now that they are friends then he will not take thanks, she says okay and laughs, then he thanks her and says that her halwa will be liked by everyone and he goes, Arpita goes and opens the door and looks at Raj who is going and tells that he is such a good man and tells that it would be good if her Avni would get such a boy.

Raj goes out and tells all the men to serve good and no complaints from anyone, jiju comes and tells raj that he has some other work so he is going and he tells Raj to manage, jiju goes, raj tells the people that he wants no complaints and their name should not go down, Arpita’s mother comes and says that this is why they are top in their service and she goes as Raj thanks her.


The Khandelwal family also come and they are welcomed with good music, then Arpita and her mother go and welcome them, Bhavna and Avni tell that the decoration is very nice and Avni says especially the big cloth dupattas, Avni then asks Savri isn’t it good, Savri tells that the decoration is okay and at her engagement they had put more than 30 dupattas, Bhavna tells her they had got 1 month time but this family got only 1 day time, then they sit, Arpita brings the halwa and she gives to everyone but Buah says no as she is on diet and Arpita asks that it’s okay and asks that does she want cold drink, Buah says she has neck pain, Arpita then asks for tomato soup, Bhavna says okay and tells Savri will eat it, Arpita is going to bring more when Avni offer that she will bring it . Avni goes to bring, then Raj who is near the stall for food is preparing and managing everything, Avni is behind and suddenly meets someone and Arpita also comes there. Avni and Arpita talks with someone, when a woman comes and tells that the bride is here and everyone is waiting there, Raj turns to see and sees Avni there smiling and talking, he thinks she is the bride.



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