Home LIES OF THE HEART Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 56 – 57

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 56 – 57

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 56 – 57

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart

Episode 56 – 57

Samrat hits the thief as he steals someone’s purse and however that purse belongs to his sister, Aditi. She call his name but he drops the bag down and leaves. Urmi’s mother-in-law plays a cunning trick by sending Urmi to her ‘Maika’ ( her parents’s house ) and to stay there for so many days and that her sil says her husband is good and he doesn’t mind. She gets some things, thanks her and then leaves. Urmi smiles at her Buaji. Shashi says her sister in-law is big a cheat. Urmi is sad that her mother in-law sees that and plans something. She tells her that she would feel bad as she couldn’t meet her mother and father and that her parents were waiting for her as she didn’t come. She tells Umri to meet her parents at their home. Urmi says she will go later but Shashi insist her to go. Urmi suggests to let her ask Samrat but Shashi refuses saying that she is telling her go. She tells her to get ready and will ask the driver to drop her at her parent’s home. Urmi not understanding her intentions leaves for her Maika.

At Urmi’s house, everyone are lazy due to the cold climate and all are asking in sun just then, Urmi comes and her parents are very pleased on seeing her. Saroj asks her daughter if Samrat is still unhappy with Kanchan delivery. Urmi says he was just unhappy as the news came in paper. Granny asks why didn’t she meet them yesterday. Urmi says she was searching for Samrat watch. Then Urmi’s father says everyone are tensed for no reason. Gaurav asks if she is staying till evening. Granny says her sister in-law, Rashmi should give a grandson to her father in-law. Rashmi gets upset hearing this and says she wants to become a mother but god gave her lots of sadness. Gaurav tells her not to worry and will talk to everyone at home.

Samrath reaches home and says some cat crossed the path and indicate that it’s black cat. Shashi says god is with her today and she will create a big scene today for Urmi. She then tells her servant to get veggies and sends her servant out to get PALAK. Samrat sees some news channel while his mother makes the small baby cry. Samrat is all pissed off and asks what about his tea and that what happen and why is the baby crying. He tells his mother to give the baby to his sister in-law, Kanchan in which she replied Kanchan is taking rest. Samrat then suggests her to call Urmi and find Urmi missing as his mother says she went to her maika. Samrat asks how did she go in which his mother says it been a long time. Samrat asks his mother to please wait and that from whom did she ask and go. Shashi says all nonsense agaisnt Urmi. He gets angry when he finds out that Urmi expressed her desire to visit Maika herself and says this girl has got lot of guts will teach her lesson when she comes. Shashi says todays girl don’t listen to anyone.

Shashi add more fuel to fire by telling Samrat that Urmi doesn’t listen to her. Samrat swears to teach her a lesson. Everyone at Urmi place are feeding Urmi with love. Her father asks Urmi why they come back from Goa so soon. Gaurav comes there and says thy are trying for the kid and not to blame them. Granny says they just shared their view. Urmi wants to tell her father to stops saying to leave him. Granny says Gaurav will understand. Meanwhile, Samrat says he will talk to Urmi whe she comes back. Urmi reveals to her parents about Ishaan and Samrat’s fight and that both didn’t reveal regarding the fight and that Samrat told everyone not to talk about Ishaan at home. Samrat is impatiently waiting for Urmi to return and at the same time Samrat’s mother is waiting for some friction to take place between her son and her daughter-in-law and that it will be god to watch. Urmi comes home and Samrat stares at her and asks where did Urmi go in which she replied that she went to her parents place after asking his mother. She adds that she didn’t meet her mother so she went to see her. Samrat is annoyed with Urmi as she decided to go to her house inspite of him asking her not to. Samrat says she is talking a lot and is extremely rude to Urmi. Urmi attempts to put her view forward that she went to meet her parents but Samrat sees it as an insult to himself and says she is arguing with him. He tell her to stay there and not to come here and reminds her that she is married act like this. Urmi asks if she cant go and meet them. He says no. Urmi also reminds him that they gave birth to her. Samrat asks if she is arguing with him. He loses his cool and asks her to leave the room immediately and then throws her out of the room. Kanchan and Divakar see Urmi crying. An excited Shashi comes up and knocks the door of Samrat’s room and asks him to come out of the room. Samrat’s father asks what happen. Shashi asks if he will call the entire Mohalla and asks her to come with them and sleep down.



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