International Name The Vow
Original Show Title Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
No. of Episodes 700 episodes

THE VOW ZEE WORLD FULL STORY (Banoo Main Teri Dulhann)

The Vow on Zee World is about a simple and unassuming young lady called Vidya – a village girl from Banaras. A certain twist occurs in her life when she gets married to an unstable (mentally ) challenged man who goes by the name Sagar Pratap Singh who refuses to take her side. Sindoora (Sagar’s stepsister), gradually becomes jealous of Vidya as a result of the fact that all her dad’s property is in Vidya’s name, and so Sindoora tries her possible best to kick Vidya out. However, Sindoora’s husband Aniket, comes back from a business trip along with Sindoora & Aniket’s 10 year old son Bharat. He makes Vidya stay in Sagar’s room and so Bharat and Sagar continually try to pull pranks on Vidya to get her to leave.


At some point in the show, Sagar gets sick and Sindoora tells Vidya to get Sagar some medicine. Vidya being an illiterate who cannot read or write, mistakenly grabs poison. Luckily before she gives it to Sagar, Sindoora throws it out of her hand. Sagar gets enraged and on the following day as he was about to hit Vidya in the hand with a ruler for what she had done He sees that her hand is covered with blood and by a twist of fate Sagar finds out that Vidya isn’t really the bad person He thinks she is – and it was all a mistake. Gradually Sagar accepts Vidya for who she is and calls her his best friend. Sagar subsequently falls so in love with Vidya that he can’t live without her)




Vidya’s Mom shows up with Hema (her mom’s sister) and Shalu (Hema’s daughter) Another twist was when Harsh shows up and says he is Vidya’s far away cousin and so he wants to stay with her for a bit, (Harsh isn’t her brother but a goon that has been trying to get married to Vidya for years). During the stay Harsh takes Sagar for a ride and the next day Sagar tries to drive on his own he almost falls of a cliff however Vidya goes in front of him and so thinking fast Sagar makes a turn and hits a tree. Harsh had been planning this and so he tells everyone that he and Vidya had made a plan to kill Sagar so that his property and money can be their own.


Everyone thinks that Vidya was trying to kill Sagar and so they kick her out however Vidya says that she wants to know if Sagar is okay before she leaves and so Sindoora lets her stay. During the whole day Vidya never ate or drank anything and she went to the temple to do a prayer for Sagar. She circles the temple 1,008 times and when she finishes she faints. however Chinu (Sagar cousin), and Bharat see and they believe that Vidya never tried to hurt him. they take her home and Sagar gets better, Vidya was just about to leave (as she had promised) when Sagar comes out and tells everyone that Vidya saved his life than everyone, but Sindoora and her two younger (chandra and Mauha) sister tell Vidya to stay. Harsh is now out of the house, however Chandra falls in love with Harsh and they get married.


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Bharat is going on a camping trip with his school and Sagar decided to go with him. There Sindoora pays a goon to make Sagar go more mental. However, before he could Vidya gets worried about Sagar so she goes to visit him. Sagar is so glad to see Vidya because he hasn’t been feeling good and when Vidya came she and Sagar had a lot of fun and they were about to go home the next day however the goon hired by Sindoora takes Sagar to the back gate and places a bag over his head.


Sagar tries to get away however the goon is not giving up. Sagar manages to get the bag over his head off and Vidya came, Vidya tries to help Sagar but the goon pushes her down and grabs a stick to kill Vidya Sagar stops him from hitting her and pushes the goon down and he falls on a rock and dies. Someone sees the dead man and calls the police and Vidya tells the police the she pushed him down. Sagar does not say any thing cause Vidya made him swear on her life and if he breaks it she will die.


Vidya is taken to jail, while Sindoora takes Sagar home. Aniket hires a lawer for Vidya. No proof yet that she did not commit the crime she may be sent to 14 years in prison. Sagar at home is sleeping and by mistake in his sleep he says Vidya never killed that guy, he did. Aniket asked Vidya and she says it true. Aniket tells Vidya that the police would have let him go after seeing his mental health. however Vidya can not change her statement about her pushing the guy because the police will suspect something. Somehow something they did not now is that a little kid had followed Vidya and recorded the whole fight and that kid had put the video tape in Bharat’s bag and with that, Shalu saw the video and they were able to free Vidya.


Later Sagar’s ex-girlfriend who had abandoned Sagar when he became mentally ill came back with a kid saying it was hers and Sagar she even had fake DNA report but Aniket gets another one done and asked Sindoora what it says, it said that kid is not Sagars or his ex-girlfriend “Suril” but sindoora lies and said it was. Everyone decided to take the kid in but Sagar refused, Vidya then made Sagar accept, Suril put’s on the same Sari as Vidya and put Sameer (the kid) on a boat and cut’s the rope.

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Sagar from behind thought it was vidya seeing the same clothes. Sagar attempts to save Sameer, hand gets rescued by an old friend Tushar. he takes Vidya’s side and says that Vidya wasn’t the one who put sameer on the boat. He stays with Sagar and his family for a few days. during that time Sagar has been acting really mean to Vidya. soon enough Vidya, Tushar, Bharat, Chinu and Sameer find out that it was Suril that put sameer on that boat and they find out that Sameer is not Suril’s or Sagar’s son.

Sagar’s mum is giving all her property to Suril, Vidya refuses and she is then kicked out of the house. Tushar, who had left to get the real DNA reports saying sameer is not suril or sagars kid, return’s to the house and reveals the truth. Suril is kicked out and Sagar brings Vidya back. Ahiket founds out that who made suril do all that stuff was really Sindura, he tries to make her say the true. She tried to kill Sagar. Vidya and Tushar succeed to make sameer talk, everyone is happy.



Aniket leaves Sindura, but vidya realized that they were breaking up, everyone in the house try to reconcilie them and finally made it. Sindura apologize to aniket for what she done to sagar, he feels sorry to her and he forgives her. Later on in the story Sagar finds out that he is not an 8 year old kid but a 22 year old adult and that he is really mental. He decides to live and go to a mental hospital and Vidya is forced to get a second marriage to Tushar, Sagar refuses to come back. On the day Vidya is getting married a girl named Shavine takes Sagar out of the hospital and to the temple where Vidya is getting married, Vidya sees Sagar and faints (out of her hand came an empty poison bottle).


Vidya is rushed to the hospital where she survives and makes Sagar come back. Vidya finds out about a hospital in Singapore that can cure Sagar, they go there when to get him cured, He does the operation but is unable to remember Vidya. Drugs were found in a bottlein Vidya’s bag placed by Sindoora who came to Singapore after Sagar’s operation and takes Sagar way. Vidya manages to run away from jail and back to Sagar’s house there sindoora tells Sagar that Vidya is a nurse and took care of him well when he was mentally ill. He later finds out that Vidya is his wife, at first he was really really mad but he accepts her. He finds out that she (Vidya) can’t read or write and so make her move out of his room room.


Vidya finds out that Sindoora is trying to kill Sagar, so she tries to tell Sagar the truth. Vidya had taken some photos of Sindoora giving goons money. Vidya gives the pictures to a guy named D.J. Sindoora finds out about it and hires a goon to kill the guy’s daughter if he shows those photos. D.J. then shows everyone random photos. Sagar yells at Vidya but Aniket believes her and follows Sindoora the next day. He sees a goon giving Sindoora some pictures, and one by mistake falls and aniket sees it.


He tries to go home and tell everyone but his car wouldn’t start. Sindoora heads home and says Sagar and her are going to the temple. Vidya request to go too and so she lets her but gives her offering of god and the food had sleeping powder in it. Vidya goes upstairs and faints. Sindoora tells everyone that Vidya doesn’t want go. when Vidya gets up, Sagar and Sindoora have already left and the room door is locked she jumps out of the window. When she gets out Aniket arrives in a taxi. he takes Vidya to the temple. A truck came to hit but Aniket pushes sagar out of the way and he gets hit instead this was paid by Sindoora.


Aniket goes into a coma, Sagar blames Vidya for bringing him there. Vidya is kicked out of Aniket’s room now. Soon a giest had arrived and that was Sagar’s aunty. she also finds out that Sindoora is trying to kill Sagar and so she helps Vidya. The Aunty also helps Sagar and Vidya get closer. Vidya holds a fast for Aniket, she doesn’t eat or drink for 48 hours and then Sindoora has to walk 20 miles bare feet to the temple. Aa Sindoora is unable to complete the way and so she goes to a restaurant to drink coffee, their aunty makes vidya do the walk. When Sindoora heads to the temple she pretends to have done the trip, however her car is parked in the wrong place and a guy tells her to move it. Everyone finds out that Sindoora did not do it.



Everyone sees that instead of Sindoora, Vidya had completed the long trip. So after they got home Sagar says that he will forgive Vidya for everything that happened so far, but she still can’t come into his room. Sagar’s aunty asked why he won’t accept her back in his room, Vidya tells her its because she can’t read or write. Their aunty makes her learn how to read and write and talk in English by sending her to a teachers house.


On Sagar’s birthday Sindoora tells Sagar that Vidya has been cheating on him and that Vidya has been going to some guys house every day at 5:00. Sagar was about to ask Vidya but vidya tells him that she learned English for him and that guy she went visit was her teacher. Sagar is disappointed in himself for thinking that Vidya would cheat on him so he sings her a song at his party. he has also accepted her back in his room and he says that he does love her a lot, their aunty then decides to make Sagar and Vidya closer that Vidya should say she is pregnant and vidya does so.


Sindoora finds out that their aunty is helping Vidya so she pays a guy to crash into her and kill her, she doesn’t die she goes into a coma. Aniket gets out of the coma but Sindoora blames the crash that happened at the temple was a part of Anikets plan to kill Sagar. Aniket is sent to jail and Vidya is left alone to fight Sindoora. Sindoora later finds out that vidya isn’t pregnant and she exposes it in front of everyone. Vidya is kicked out of the house but Sagar can’t live without her so he give all his property to Sindoora and goes to find Vidya.



Sindoora sends goons after Sagar to kill him, they beat him up and throw him into the water (where vidya and sagar had first meet). Vidya sees and tries to help him but some villiger hold her back and get sagar out and take him to the hospital. In the hospital he remembers everything, but him being mental and that Sindoora is trying to kill him. he says sorry to Vidya. The two of them make a plan to get a proof against Sindoora. Sagar pretends that after getting beat up he is mentally ill again and the two of them go home. Sagar annoys Sindoora so much that she confirms everything and says that she had tried to kill Sagar.


Vidya, Sagar and Chinu ( he finds out sgaar isn’t mental and so he helps him with their plan) get everything on tape. Sindoora finds out that Sagar is not mentally ill, and pays goons to kill the two of them but Sagar and Vidya ran away from the house. They have been running for days before Sindoora sees them and chases them with a car. Sagar and vidya ran but eventually stop cause in front of them was a cliff and Sindoor grabs a gun and shoots them.


They die and Chinu finds their bodies and take them home on their death bed. After the death caremony, Chinu and his wife Shalu, z9they two of them get marrided somewhere in the storyz) and her parents leave the house. Bharat (Sindoora’s son), knows that his mom was the cause of their death and so he runs away. 8 years later, Shalu’s parents return and bring Kamna (Chinu and Shalu’s 8 year old daughter chinu and shalu had died in a car crash). Also every year on Sagar and Vidya’s death, Sindoora holds a pray for them.



Sagar and Vidya return 21 years later as Amar and Divya. Divya and Amar meet in Banares and they fall in love. They don’t get married right away, but eventually they do. The two end up in Sindoora’s house again because Amar is the real son of Mahua and Rajeev (Rajeev had switched the babies in the hospital). When Divya gets shot by Samrat (really Sindoora did it but blamed Samrat) she remembers everything from her previous birth. She remembers that Sindoora is the one that killed them. The bullet was removed and she managed to survive. Divya tries to prove to Amar that his ‘Badi Maa’ is the cause of their previous death and she is his real enemy. He didn’t believe it because Sindoora was trying to get everyone to think that the bullet made Divya kind of crazy. Amar eventually finds out the truth, himself and Bharat (Sindoora’s son who returns after 22 years to help amar) helped them get revenge.


Bharat wanted to get revenge because he hated his mom because he knew the truth about her. He knew since he was little that she had killed sagar and Vidya and that she had put his dad in jail. He wanted to get revenge from her. Finally, Sindoora got arrested with the help of Amar, Divya, and Bharat. She managed to escape and the police were trying to find her. She called Bharat, thinking he is on her side, and Bharat came along with Divya and Amar. She tried to kill Divya and Amar again, but Bharat came from behind and shot her. It was shown that she fell into the pond, but they never found her body. It was presumed that she was eaten by the crocodiles.


Amar and Divya are having a nice life and Bharat and Aditi are trying to tell Divya the truth about them not being married. In the most recent episodes, Amar is currently in Banaras because on his way there, he accidentally drove into and killed Shivam who was on his way to get married. Amar is then forced to stay with the family because Shivam’s soon-to-be-wife thinks that Amar is actually Shivam. He was asked to play as Shivam for a few days in front of Gauri.



Recently, Amar was married to Gauri because she still thinks that Amar is Shivam. Because of her heart problem, the family is afraid to tell Gauri that Shivam is dead because they are afraid she might also die. so Amar stays as Shivam. After a night they spend together in a building due to their car breaking down. People think that she is a bad girl so Amar puts Sindoor on her and goes home. Amar finds out Divya is pregnant and Bharat’s wedding is to come soon, Bharat brought the lady who took care of him when he was smaller. Gauri decided to go find her husband in Delhi.


After Sagar’s mom brought Gauri home to stay she found out that Amar/Shivam was living there when she went downstairs to look for him, she saw him dancing with Divya and hugging her. Next day, Guari tries to tell the family about Amar marrying her but Amar stops her. Amar told her that Shivam is dead and he is Amar not Shivam. Bharat’s ma..lady who took care of him saw Amar and Guari together, alone in a room, she tells Divya, not wanting to hide this. Divya asks Amar where he was when she was sleeping that night but he says nothing, she then begins to suspect him and gauri, now she’s saying that all these girls want is men and Divya begins to suspect something between her husband and Gauri soon enough she finds out and then she makes Gauri get it out in the open and even through that Gauri stays in their home.


Divya is in a very critical stage in her life it’s kinda like it’s her or the baby but she really wants the baby. Bharat and Aditi get married and after their wedding they had sex because it showed the candles burning. Amar tells Gauri to get out of his house but Gauri always tattle tails and tells Divya that she’s leaving even though she knows Divya won’t let that happen. Divya is dignosed with Kidney diease and Gauri has a heart diease. But Amar only cares about Divya. Karuna, Bharat’s mom is a total snoop and never minds her own business and she obviously wants to know what happens and she does along with the rest of the family.


But she truly has the family’s best interests at heart. Bharat’s mom just got kicked out of the house by Aniket because she does not like Aditi, since she was once married (a divocee). She leaves the house and Bharat’s real mom enters. It turns out that Sindoora was never dead. She is apparently crazy. Though Divya does not think she is crazy, They are now testing her to see if she is really crazy, but somehow Sindoora always seems to know about their plans. Divya has now found out that Sindoora isn’t really crazy she is just acting like it. Sindhoora tries to harm pregnant divya, in that attempt Divya goes into a coma after giving birth to a baby girl, Dia.


Amar at first refuses to love the baby, but later realised the baby had nothing to do with their relationship he now started caring for the baby. Aditi realized truth of Sindhoora and joins Aniket in his fight against Sindhoora. Sindhoora at first succeed in convincing Gauri that it’s her duty to make Amar accept her as his second wife but Gauri later realized her mistake and prays to devima for speedy recovery of Divya. Her prayers are answered and Divya recover.


Aditi and Aniket know about Sindoora’s real character and they have a plan to send Sindoora to jail and the plan is unknown to everyone else. This time Sindoora’s evil scheme is to break up Amar and Divya, that is As the drama progressed, we see that divya is finally out of coma but can’t remember anything for more than 10 minutes. for example in one of the episode, she puts baby Dia in the bath tub and completely forgot about her, amar came and saved the baby and rushed her to the hospital.



Amar is really worried about Divya because she gets scared once he is not around. Amar and Divya head home because of Divya because is slowly losing her memory, and when they went to the doctor and he said that there are 80% chance of Divya losing her memory completely. The next day, Amar wakes up and cant find Divya, he’s scared, searching for her in each and every corner of the house, until he sees Divya’s feet behind the curtain, he opens it and Divya gets scared and tells Amar to go away, saying “i don’t know you, who are you, what do you want?”. and this is the part when she completely loose all her memory.


Amar and Aditi has a plan that might bring Divya’s memory back, they put baby Dia on the bed to let her cry. and Divya comes and plays with her, so Amar thought she got her memory, but no, she looks at them and says to baby Dia that look, your mummy and papa are here. Amar gets a bigger shock as she can’t remember anything, because of this Divya is getting distracted and packs her stuff to leave, and badi maa comes and tells Divya where are you going, and she’s looks at Amar and tells badi maa, can i stay in room? BIG SHOCK.


Amar decides that he can be a good friend to her. He goes to Sindora’s room and puts flower saying to my friend, and both of them become good friends. Sindoora tries to make Divya think that before she lost her memory, Divya was Amar’s enemy, and he is the reason she lost her memory! Divya falls for Sindoora’s trick, and now hates Amar! Divya says if Amar is not hers then nobody will be his. So she invites him to the cliff and pushes him off. However she didn’t not really push him off, she was thinking about it and we could see her thoughts instead she did not have the courage to push Amar off.



That night she decides to leave the house and faints in the middle of the road and some guy takes her to his house. Amar finds out that Divya has left and so he looks for her all night. Divya gets up and see the guy in front of her and they have a chat. The guy then tells her that he will do a brain surgrey on her to help her regain her memory. However if the surgery goes wrong she might end up in a coma again but Divya still agrees. The police asks Amar to look for Divya at the hospital and so Amar goes there.


The guy who rescued Divya meets Amar in the hospital and sees that he has a picture of Divya. Amar questions him if he has seen Divya and the guy takes Amar to Divya’s room. In the room Amar sees Divya and is very happy. Soon, the operation on Divya works and she gets back her memories. She tells the family what Bharat’s mom did to her but Bharat’s mom leaves before any of that happens. Bharat doesn’t believe it so he and Aditi leave the house and gets a new home of theirs. Divya pleads Amar to get back Bharat and Amar promises he will.


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Amar resumes office but gets to know that his company has been taken over by B-ventures . He decides to meet them and goes to their office and sees Sindoora’s portrait in the office and is stunned, Amar shares the news with family that Bharat has forged their family business. Family supports Amar and advices him to start afresh by taking loan but to Amar’s surprise there is a huge loan amount already taken in his name by Bharat…and what surprises him even the most is when the bank manager says that Amar himself has sanctioned the loan to Bharat and now Amar has to return the loan in a weeks time or else his property will be auctioned and business will be sealed… Divya meets Bhaarat and tries explaining him that whatever he is doing is not right but Bhaarat does not move and asks Divya to stay out of this . The auction begins and the family spends the last moments in their house.


The house is finally sold and Bhaarat takes charge of the house. Bhaarat names this house as Sindoora niwas. Amar and Divya along with Dia leave home but not Aniket and Uma. Amar and Divya walking on road on a look out for shelter. Uma tells Aniket that they should have not left Amar and Divya alone . Bhaarat now behaves like the owner of the house . Divya Amar and Dia are together as a family and Bhaarat is all alone sitting in the house with nobody around him … Because he is getting so mean, Aditi has started hating him. Bharat makes progress in his business ventures even as Amar plunges deep into poverty. While Bharat starts getting international projects for his company, Amar has to take up the job of a truck driver to support Divya and Dia.


Days pass by and one day Divya finds Dia really ill and takes her to the hospital and then realizing that she has no money for her treatment. Amar frantically goes around for help but gets totally frustrated as it seems like his bad days have come…he goes to Bhaarat and holds him responsible for Dia’s state …Amar comes face to face with Sindoora who is in front of him standing …Amar is shell shocked. Amar follows Sindoora and there is a hand to mouth confrontation as Amar is agitated to see her.


Sindoora falls on the ground and blood starts oozing out of her head… Amar gets a call from Divya that Dia is critical Amar leaves Sindoora and runs to the hospital …police arrests Amar for murdering Sindoora. Amar keeps pleading to the police that he is innocent but all proofs stand against him as the police officer tells him that they have found a body which is Sindoora’s . Divya gets to know about Amar’s arrest and reaches the police station . Bhaarat also gets to know of Sindoora’s death and runs to meet Amar and pours out all his anger on him … and promises him that he will assure that Amar is hanged to death …Divya is shocked to hear this.


Zee World The Vow The Vow Zee World Full Story
Zee World The Vow The Vow Zee World Full Story

The family is in a state of shock after Amar is in jail . Bhaarat performs the last rites of Sindoora. Doctor Shashank comes as a saviour for Divya ..Divya and Bhaarat come face to face and Bhaarat tells her that now for him there is even a bigger task to see that Amar is hanged to death and he takes his mothers revenge and Divya freaks out and tells Bhaarat that she will also fight the battle till the last … Divya and doctor Shashank go and meet various lawyers in town but all of them refuse Amar’s case .


Bhargav manipulates and takes the power of attorney in his name and hands it over to Sindoora (she is still alive!!!). The judgement day for Amar arrives and everybody is present at the courtroom. Divya manages to find Amar a lawyer who is actually working for Sindoora, they are not able to prove Amar innocent and Amars sentenced to death. Later the lawyer tells Amar that he has to say he killed Sindoora to lower the punishment, Amar didn’t now that if he did say that he won’t be able to prove he’s innocent on the he is suppose to come to the court and the last day of the court, however it was to later and Amar had admit he killed Sindoora.


Divya later sees Sindoora and tries to tell Bhaarat but he won’t believe that Sindoora is still alive. On that day he got news that he has lost a huge amount of money, can’t remember how much, on that same day Sindoora’s phone bill came, Aniket and Aditi see it and show Bhaarat that his mother is still using her phone till date. They show Bharat but he says it has been stolen, Aditi and Aniket try the phone that Sindoora had been calling and it lead to Bhargav. they try to tell Bhaarat but he didn’t want to believe without a proof.


Meanwhile Dr. Shashank and Divya come up with a plan to look for Sindoora, they send a photo of her on the news that she is dead and that gets her mad because she had planned to leave the city and if anyone sees her she will be reported. She hires goons to go after Dr. Shashank for messing with her. He gets beat up bad and wou’t be able to help Divya for a week, so now she is alone, besides Aniket and Aditi. At the Office Bharat is still wondering who had taken the money and he then starts suspecting Bhargav, he changes the account password, Bhargav shows up and tells Bharat he was in a car crash causing him to get late for work.


Bharat tells him that he has to leave and asked Bhargav to look after things. when he leaves Bhargav tries to go in Bharats bank account, Bharat came back in and sees Bhargav and asked who told him to do this. Bhargav doesn’t answer and bharat asked if it was he’s mom bhargav still doesn’t answer and he, Bhargav, gets a phone call from sindoora and Bhaarat answers it, he finds out Sindoora is still alive and goes to meet Divya, He begs Divya for forgiveness, Divya at first was mad but forgives Bharat after he says he will help her search for Sindoora and free Amar, however they only hav a few days Divya and Bharat search Sindoora, they find out that Sindoora has booked a ticket out of Delhi, so they hurry to find her. there are police srrounding the air port. In the train Sindoora is smiling because she thinks she had won again, but then suddenly the person who is sitting in front of Sindoora lower the newspaper and it is Divya!


Divya tries to get Sindoora to go with her, but sindoora pushes her and run away. Sindoora sneak inside the Singh house, to kidnap Dia. Aniket tries to stop her, but gets injured. In the end Sindoora is trying to blackmail Bharat and Divya saying she will kill Dia if they try to save amar. then amar is 30 minutes away from being hanged, time passed by and amar has the rope around his neck. the man tells the guy to pull the stick to hang amar. mean while divya and bharat are powerless to stop sindoora and then the police arrive. they phone the man to stop amar death and amar is safed. Sindoora gets arrested and goes mental.



The final scenes are Divya and Amar’s wedding, everyone is happy again. They show Sindoora in jail, who are looking insane and “playing” with two dolls. The last thing shown is a family picture of the Singh family, with the text “Love can never die”. Sindoora has finally come to an end after than more than 25 years and Divya/Vidya and Amar/Sagar can finally be happy. Also the theme song of banoo main teri dulhan is playing background. Namaste!!!


Sindoora believes Bharat is likely to be conspiring with Divya and adjusts the plans she initially made with Bharat to make sure that her plan kill Amar succeeds. Amar pretends like he doesn’t know who Sindoora really is and remembers that he had hidden proof implicating Sindoora in his earlier life. Amar with the assistance of Divya and Bharat, begin to play thought games with Sindoora. Aditi begins to inquire why Bharat was determined to move back again into Sindoora’s home. Divya follows Sindoora to her priest and what she hears leaves her disturbed. The physician tells Amar, Divya and Bharat that Sindoora has turned mentally unstable, however even in her present state of mind, Sindoora can cease making attempts to eliminate Amar and Divya.



The story is about a beautiful, simple and loyal village woman named Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi) from Benaras. She is as Devi Sita (Wife of Bhagwan Shri Ram) who does all the work in her household and her uncle, aunt and cousin torture her. They don’t allow Vidya to get an education, leaving her illiterate. Soon, Rajendra Pratap Singh (the local Thakur) comes to Benaras to find a wife for his son Sagar. When Sagar’s father sees Vidya, he decides that she will be his daughter-in-law. On the day of her marriage day, Vidya finds out that Sagar is mentally unstable, having the mindset of a child due to the car accident that almost claimed his life. Sagar does not realize he is married so he and Vidya get off to a rocky start. Sindoora, Sagar’s evil stepsister wants the Thakur property to herself and will go to any height to gain it. In fact, she is the one who caused the deadly car accident to kill Sagar but was unsuccessful. Chandra and Mahua are Sindoora’s younger sisters and do whatever Sindoora tells them to and continually harass Vidya. Sindoora attempts to put many blames on Vidya to kick her out of the house and gives her a lot of trouble. But, her generous ex-husband Aniket and son Bharat do not take her opinion in which they lend a helping hand to Vidya. Aniket and Bharat both want to see Sagar and Vidya be together. With all of this trouble on her shoulder, she completes all of her duties and makes the room for herself in the other family member’s hearts, even Sagar’s. Vidya finds out that doctor from Singapore can cure Sagar back to normal, so she and Sagar both go there. Sindoora finds out and then plans multiple attacks on Sagar and Vidya but Sagar’s operation went successful. But,he doesn’t remember anything before his car accident and so doesn’t remember Vidya. Sindoora then takes advantage of this and tries to poison Sagar’s mind against Vidya, but Sagar and Vidya later get married. Sindoora tries again to kill Sagar but Aniket gets paralyzed while trying to protect Sagar. Gayatri, Sagar’s aunt arrives and knows that Sindoora is trying to kill Sagar. So she teams up with Vidya to get rid of Sindoora. They try their best to expose Sindoora but Sagar doesn’t listen to their arguments. Vidya then pretends to be pregnant for Sagar under Gayatri’s orders but fails to hide the truth from him. Sindoora plots and manages to send her ex-husband Aniket to jail. Sindoora then plots and paid a man to run into Gayatri. She didn’t die but went into a coma. Later, Sindoora corners Sagar and Vidya on the edge of the cliff of Kailashpati Shankar Mandir (Lord Shiva) and she kills both of them by shooting them with her gun.

29 years later

Sagar and Vidya were reborn as Amar and Divya on the night of their death. Divya is modern rich girl from London and Amar is spontaneous tour guide from Benaras. Amar and Divya both meet there, Divya gets strange flashbacks of her previous birth time which she does not remember immediately but later recalls. It took time for Amar to remember but he finally does and they both work to get their revenge on Sindoora with the help of Bharat who kills her the first time but she returns twice. Sindoora again tries her best to keep them apart as their union will mean a threat to her life. In an attempt to separate them, Sindoora wants Divya to marry Samrat who is the fake son of Rajiv and Mahua (as Rajiv swooped Amar and Samrat at birth time) and the biological son of Amar’s parents. Meanwhile, Amar searches for Divya but undergoes several hardships in the process.na for Una


  1. ademola abolaji zuarich says:

    The vow is a loving story bharat&amhar are nw enemys all because of the award&interview sindoraa nw trying to seperate them. Hmmm sindora bad mother

  2. ademola abolaji zuarich says:

    why hw will devia get better from is insanity. Deviah get will soon real missing ur role there

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